About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Jaber, an adventure and outdoor enthusiast and I’m the mind behind OutdoorGuider. I and my team have developed a rigorous testing system to rate and review some of the best outdoor tools and gear that you can find.

We found that people who love tools and gears often get confused when buying new products online. Some of the tools require technical knowledge, experience, and deep research to be able to distinguish the bad from the good ones.

OutdoorGuider is focused on producing genuine reviews and opinions and simplified technical information to assist you in finding the right outdoor tools.

What our content can help you achieve:

  1. Avoiding poor products that will give you a low value.
  2. Get in-depth and summarized information without needing to run all over the internet.
  3. Save time for making the buying decision.
  4. Get the list of best products in a category.

Here’s how our review process works:

  1. We find and shortlist the top products with the highest value and recommendations.
  2. We do an in-depth analysis of all of the products based on key quality factors of that category. We do not accept sponsored products. Our testing system is totally independent and relies more on user recommendations, expert opinions, and deep-research.
  3. We report the findings to our editorial panel. During this phase, our editors make sure all information collected is genuine and free from bias.
  4. Finally, our designated writers get to work to produce polished and well-formatted content.
  5. Every 6 months, we update our reviews based on the current performance of the products. We may devalue or promote a product up the order as per the then information on the products. Sometimes, we may even add, remove, or replace certain items that our editorial team believes will provide more value to our users.

OutdoorGuider operates solely on affiliate commission, which we receive only when a user makes a purchase with no added cost on their part. So, we are fully-reader supported.

Usually, our reviews provide added value apart from just recommending products. Our expert team members develop an ultimate buying guide for each and every piece of content. This is to make our users more informed and help them to look for certain qualities in a product category in order to find the best out of the lot.

We spend typically more than 25+ hours in creating a piece of content for our users. We don’t just recommend products, we teach users how they can themselves identify the good product from the bad ones.

Some of our future challenges we strive to solve are:

  1. Buying more products ourselves and establish a hands-on testing system
  2. Expand our level of expertise by including outdoor specialists in the field of camping, hiking, and tools.
  3. Develop our user interface further to help our users interact with us in a better way.
  4. Response to user queries and recommend them on a personal level.

Check out our reviews and do provide us feedback so that we can improve our operation and service. You can contact us through the contact box provided here or comment on the posts.


Admin and founder


Our top expert panel:

  • Lisa Maloney- Researcher and editor.
  • Rebecca– Web Developer and editor.
  • Jhumon – Developent manager.