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6 Best Bicycle Gloves For Summer.

If you are biking regularly, having a pair of gloves is a must! Your hands will become sore the longer you ride without gloves.

We got 6 of the best bicycle gloves for you! These gloves will keep your hands protected from rubbing against the handlebar and will provide more control when riding.

If you have never bought bicycle gloves before, check out our buying guide at the end of this article.

Here’s what we got for you!

Best Bicycle Gloves Review

1. Pearl Izumi Half Finger Cycle Gloves.

 The Pearl Izumi is by far the best bicycle gloves in our list in terms of quality and durability of the fabric. It has a mix of polyamide, polyester, spandex, and polyurethane. The inside of the gloves feels soft and comfortable.

These gloves are perfect for everyday biking as they have enough padding and are also lightweight.

The placement of the paddings is a bit controversial. The padding is quite strong and will support the areas below your fingers near the wrists. But when gripping the handlebar, you will not get enough support between the palm and the thumb and near the center of the palm.

The thumb also has an absorptive patch for keeping the sweat away while riding.

Overall, these gloves will provide better grip and control, rather than nerve protection.


  • High-quality durable fabric.
  • Feels soft and comfortable from the inside.
  • Significant padding keeps the hand from aching.
  • Thumb has soft fabric for wiping sweat.


  • The finishing of the gloves near the edges is not good enough. So, it will wear out at those places over time.

Final verdict

Despite being one of the best cycling gloves in the market, Pearl Izumi has some flaws that you need to know before buying. If comfort and grip are your priority, nothing can beat these gloves. However, if you are into mountain biking, these gloves won’t be able to keep up with the heavy usage.

2. LuxoBike Anti Slip Half-finger Cycling Gloves.

 The LuxoBike bicycle gloves are the best gloves you can get with gel padding at an affordable price. The shock-absorbing pads cover a wide area of your palm.

The exterior is made from lycra mesh. So, it will provide breathability and comfort during hot conditions.

The palm has a suede feel to it and gives you a soft feel when you hold the handlebar. But that also means that the palm is prone to tearing. So, you can put some scotch guard to enhance durability.

The best thing about these gloves is that they have smart loops on the fingertips. This reduces the hassle when removing the gloves.

The fitting is pretty much standard. If you have bought gloves earlier, probably the same size of these gloves will fit you. To make it even better, there is a hook and loop closure for wrist adjustment.

The style and color scheme of these gloves are pretty simple. But you get to choose from 6 different color schemes.


  • Padding covers a wide area of the palms.
  • Soft towel on the thumb for wiping the sweat.
  • Standard sizing will fit most people.
  • Lycra material provides extra breathability.


  • Not smartphone-friendly.

Final verdict

The LuxoBike gloves are budget-friendly and are perfect for casual road biking. The padding provided is not good enough for mountain biking. Also, the absence of microfiber for operating smartphones make these gloves ineffective for long-time biking.

3. Inbike Cycling Gloves.

 The Inbike gloves are one of the best bicycle gloves for summer and hot weather. The outside is made from lycra that provides breathability, and the inside is terry cloth that keeps the sweat away.

These half-fingered gloves have thick padding all over the palm. This makes the gloves suitable for mountain biking.

The manufacturer claims that these gloves have gel padding. The padding is thick foam that acts like gel. But it works just fine. The padding has a soft feeling to it and maintains its shape and composition in every ride you take. Perfect for reducing numbness on long rides.

The gloves have a velcro closure to get the fit right at the wrists. This gives additional benefit to adjust.

The gloves don’t have a smartphone-friendly feature. But the additional features like sweat wiping cloth on thumb and finger loop for taking the gloves off are great to have at this price range.


  • Thick gel-type padding covers the entire palm area.
  • The padding holds its shape and composition in the long run.
  • Breathable and durable fabric.
  • Soft cloth on the thumb for wiping the sweat.


  • The position of the loop is a bit annoying and doesn’t go with the aesthetics of the gloves.

Final Verdict

If you are someone who loves cycling over long distances in hot weather or you love mountain biking, these are the gloves to buy.

4. Nice Win Full Finger cycling gloves.

 The Nice Win bicycle gloves are perfect for casual mountain bikers and people who need to lift heavy stuff indoors. The exterior is made from breathable spandex. They won’t provide a lot of insulation but the hook and loop fastener will keep your hands warm longer.

The gloves have padding in the right places. So, they will absorb shock and provide comfort.

If you manage to get the right size, the gloves will fit perfectly. We found that the sizing of these gloves will probably not match with your older gloves. So, buy a larger one than what you used to wear.

These cycling gloves have microfiber on the thumb and forefinger. That’s what you need to access your smartphone without having to take off your gloves.

There’s an additional feature in these gloves which we absolutely loved. The thumb has a soft fabric attached on top of it. This will help you to wipe your sweat as you ride.

The gloves are not super durable. That’s the reason we categorized it for casual bikers. The fabric and padding won’t withstand heavy daily biking.


  • Proper placement of the padding.
  • Two smartphone-friendly fingers.
  • Soft material on thumb for wiping the sweat.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Hook and loop fastener for quick adjustment.


  • The stitching quality is not up to the mark. Depending on the size of your hands, the seams can irritate near the fingertips sometimes.

Final verdict

If you are a heavy biker, we suggest looking for something more durable. But if you are a casual biker and need quality protection, this is the one to buy. Overall, the color scheme and the sweat wiping feature of these gloves makes them very unique and worth buying.

5. HTZPLOO Cycling Gloves.

 The HTZPLOO is one of the best half-finger cycling gloves that provide a lot of control when riding. Its standout feature is the anti-slip silicone gel in the form of crackle pattern on the palm. This helps to grip the handlebar securely.

The padding is spread across the palm in strategic positions. However, the padding doesn’t cover the middle of the palm. This is fine if you are mostly into road biking. But for mountain biking and riding with straight handlebars, the gloves become ineffective.

The fabric is lycra, and it offers maximum breathability. However, the gloves are not super comfortable when you wear the first time. It will take some time to adjust to the feel of the gloves.

As like other gloves in this list, these gloves have soft cloth on the thumb for wiping sweat.

The size of these gloves is pretty standard. It will fit most people comfortably. These gloves also have a stretchy feel to them. Even if you get a smaller size, it will fit perfectly after a few uses.


  • Loops on the fingertips for easy removal.
  • The anti-slip feature provides better grip and control over the handlebars
  • Strategically placed padding for road biking.
  • Thumb equipped with a soft towel for wiping sweat.


  • Padding doesn’t cover the middle of the palm.

Final verdict

These are moderately priced cycling gloves for regular use. We don’t recommend using these gloves for heavy mountain biking or rock climbing. Overall, if your priority is control and grip, these are the gloves to buy.

6. Gearonic Bicycle Gloves.

 If you are a casual biker and buying an expensive pair of gloves seem worthless for you, the Gearonic gloves are best for you.

At under $10, you can’t expect superior comfort and high-quality padding. But for casual use, you just want something on your hand to keep your hands safe from scratches.

It’s made from a leather-like breathable fabric. So, it will keep sweat away.

The gloves have foam padding that can wear out if you use them heavily. The placement of the paddings is what disappointed us the most. The paddings are way too small compared to other gloves in this list, and they are placed too far away from each other. So, you will hardly get any support near the center of the palm when riding.

The fabric and stitching quality is also average. You can expect them to last probably a few months if you use them heavily. For casual bikers, it will last longer.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Breathable fabric construction.
  • Available in both full-finger and half-finger versions.


  • Paddings are placed too far apart from each other. Very less support for the biker.
  • Fabric and stitching are not that much durable.

Final verdict.

Gearonic bicycle gloves are one of the best selling gloves in the market. The only reason we think the manufacturer has managed to sell heavily is because of the low price and a huge number of people who are just casual bikers. If you have the budget, look for a better pair of gloves that will last longer.

Why do you need bicycle gloves?

There are a number of reasons bicycle gloves become necessary. We found the following to be the most important:

1. Grip and control.

It’s natural to sweat when cycling. Your hands will sweat as well. Without gloves gripping the handle will become hard, and you might lose control now and then. Modern cycling gloves have padding and breathable fabric construction to grip better and dry off the sweat quickly.

2. Protecting the skin.

Continuous friction of your hand skin with the handlebar can rupture your skin cells. It can lead to blisters and rashes. A pair of bike gloves will provide extra protection and enable you to ride longer.

3. Shock absorption.

If you ride through the mountains, you are being exposed to constant bumps and impact. Gloves with padding will minimize the shock from these impacts and keep your shoulders ache-free.

4. Keep warm in cold.

You can buy mittens and other winter bike gloves to keep your hands warm. These gloves have superior insulation and will trap the heat inside.

Best Bicycle Gloves Buying Guide.

1. The Right Fit.

Getting the fit right is tricky for gloves and other wearables online. So, this is by far the most important factor to consider when buying gloves.

You can find two types of cycling gloves. #1- With adjustable fasteners and velcro and #2- slip-on models.

It’s important to get the gloves that fit not too loosely and not too tightly.

If it’s too loose, it will create more friction and result in blisters. It might feel comfortable at first with a loose glove. But after a few days of use, your hands will become sore.

If the gloves are too tight, it will limit your mobility.

For getting the perfect fit, you need to take two measurements:

  • Circumference of the hand around the widest part of your hand below the knuckles.
  • Length of your hand from your wrist to the top of your middle finger.

PRO TIP: If you are confused about the size of a pair of gloves, always opt for the one that will fit a little bit lose.

2. Types of gloves.

You can find bicycle gloves for different purposes, and most people tend to have more than one type of cycling gloves. So, depending on what you want, you can choose between 5 types of gloves for cycling:

#1- Full-Finger Gloves: Standard full-finger gloves will help you to grip the handlebar and use very little fabric for manufacturing. So, you get a lot of breathability as an addition. Usually, you will find silicon lining near the palm of these gloves.

#2- Track Mitts: These gloves are very lightweight and often come in a fingerless version. You can use them for bike racing, and professional training. The best part about these gloves is their adjustable wrist straps. So, getting the right fit is easier.

#3- Mountain Bike Gloves: Mountain bike gloves are specialized gloves that have features like shock absorption, gel padding and textured palm. These gloves provide maximum traction and superior handlebar grip.

#4- Winter Gloves: Any gloves that can withstand low temperatures and wind, falls into the winter gloves category. Mittens can also fall into this category as they provide insulation and trap the heat better. But the issue with such gloves is their lack of moveability and flexibility.

3. Glove padding.

For cycling, the level of padding is crucial. You should totally ignore the zero-padding gloves as they will make your hands sore.

So, depending on your budget, you can go for the following types of padding:

#1- Foam padding: Foam paddings are very cheap. Though they provide some sort of protection but in the long run will feel almost like a no-padding glove.

#2- EVA (Ethyl vinyl acetate): EVA padding is perfect for cyclists with a midrange budget. These types of gloves offer better traction and moderate protection.

#3- Gel: If you have the budget, go for a gel-padding glove. This glove feels soft in hand and at the same time, provide maximum protection.

PRO TIP: Don’t buy gloves with heavy padding as it can restrict your hand movement and minimize your grip.

4. Material.

Synthetic materials like Lycra and Spandex are most often used in manufacturing cycling gloves. These are best to keep your hands dry.

Some gloves have different fabric on the exterior and interior part. As a result, you can find certain gloves with features like waterproofing and superior durability.

PRO TIP: Go for the gloves that offer maximum breathability whether it’s summer or winter.

5. Grip quality.

Some gloves will have silicone grips and other materials near the fingertips. Look for these features. A pair of gloves with a good grip is far better than the one that has none.

6. Water-resistant vs. Waterproof.

Most cycling gloves are water-resistant. Water-resistant gloves will not fully protect your hands from rain but will help slide off any water droplets that accumulate. And these offer maximum breathability.

We don’t recommend waterproof gloves for any cycling activity. Because they offer zero breathability. In most cases, waterproof gloves are made from neoprene.

7. Insulation in winter gloves.

If you are searching for the best cycling gloves for winter, insulation is a must. Some gloves are known for having down insulation. But these are not recommended for cycling and sporting events where sweat can build up fast.

Synthetic insulation is the best way to go. These gloves are generally cheaper and will dry up faster than others.

For synthetic insulation look for terms like ‘Thinsulate’, ‘Quallofil’ and ‘Thermolite’.

8. Compatible with a smartphone screen.

Smartphones are everywhere. And most likely it’s on your cycle too.

So, if you have the habit of checking notifications and messages during a ride, you need to find a glove that is smartphone friendly.

Look for a glove that has at least one finger touchscreen friendly. This feature will eliminate the need to take your gloves off from time to time.

Bicycle Gloves FAQ

1. How to wash my bike gloves?

If you wash your bike gloves regularly, you can follow a light washing routine. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Soak your hands with a little bit of soap water.

Step 2: Put the gloves on.

Step 3: Put liquid soap in the palm of the gloves and rub both hands together.

Step 4: Wash as long as dirt keeps coming.

Step 5: Squeeze out the extra water and don’t wring the gloves.

Step 6: Dry the gloves in-room temperature. Do not sun dry or put in the washing machine.

For heavy washing, you need to soak the gloves in warm water with detergent. And then follow step 4 to step 5. All of these steps will take just 60 seconds. Here’s a video demonstrating the cleaning process.

2. what are the loops on bike gloves for?

You might find a loop on one of the fingertips of cycling gloves. It’s provided to help take off the gloves when your hands are slippery and sweaty.

3. How tight should my cycling gloves be?

Cycling gloves should be tight enough not to hang from your hands and lose enough not to feel the inside the seams of the fingers. Some people like it a bit lose and others like tight. Even if you buy a tight pair of gloves, it should feel comfortable after a few uses as it will stretch.

4. Why some cycling gloves are fingerless?

Fingerless cycling gloves offer the best breathability and comfort during extremely hot weather. These gloves will dry out faster than any other gloves. If you sweat more than usual, fingerless gloves are perfect for you!

5. Should I use neoprene gloves?

Neoprene gloves are basically waterproof gloves. This is the same material used in scuba diving suits. We do not recommend wearing a neoprene glove for cycling. However, during extremely cold temperatures, you might switch to a neoprene glove for maximum protection.

6. What is the best way to remove bike gloves from hand?

Don’t use the wrist to remove the gloves. Pull out all the fingers first one at a time. Then pull off the gloves holding the loop on the finger. This will keep the fabric safe and away from overstretching.

7. What’s the difference between a mitten and a standard cycling glove?

Mittens usually have a two-finger or three-finger design. So, the thumb is separate, and other fingers are wrapped together separately. These are used to keep the hand warmer but lack moveability. Standard gloves have separate compartments for all the 5 fingers. Standard gloves are better for cycling.

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