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Best Electrician Tool Belt Review in 2018 | Buyer’s Guide

best electrician tool belt

Searching for the best electrician tool belt review? Well, you’re in the right place. Being an electrician, you can do a good investment buying a tool belt for you. Your tools need a safe place to live along with you 8++ hours sometimes.

So, you need a helping mate to hold all of your mechanism contents as you don’t know when a particular tool will be needed so you must carry a bunch of tools at work beside you. It is very important to carry all those useful tools from voltage to wire strippers for maintaining work efficiency and durability.

Today, we will talk about the 5 best electrician tool belt reviews for those electricians who are really in confusion to select the appropriate tool belt for them. 

The Top 5 List for Best Electrician Tool Belt

We know it is not easy to select the better one for you while there’s a list of thousands of kinds. So. here we are giving you reviews to help you out to select the best electrician tool belt.

Tradegear partnered with Gatorback contractor pro assures its customers’ comfortability and durability at their best level. Are you an electrician who does heavy duty with tools? So, the problem is gone with this model. This model has been designed fully by keeping electricians work in the mind. You will be satisfied with the belt’s durability. Let’s not wasting more time we shall move on the features.

Notable Features

  • Comfort & Cooling

Working all day along makes your body sweaty and tired. But this belt’s high-density breathable memory foam padding prevents generating heat on your body and it keeps you cool. It has air channel ventilation so you’ll have lesser sweat while working. You won’t feel heavier as it has contoured back support.

  • Durability

This belt is built for tough use with reinforced box design. It has an inner hard plastic coating with strong Nylon Web-Core Interior. It is strengthened with Bar-Tack Stitching and Heavy-Duty Metal Rivets. This bag model has denier dura tek fabric with density nylon webbing around pocket openings.

  • Easy to Carry Design

Taking on or off the belt is easy and comfortable for the easy carry handles design.

  • Space

It is very much spacious with 2 heavy duty pockets. It has extra 15 durable pockets to carry every necessary tool you might need at your workplace.

  • Return Policy

The return policy is a must requirement for some buyers. Luckily, this TradeGear model has the 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with the belt after using it you can claim your money back within 30 days.

Actually, TradeGear offers 100% satisfaction warranty for every customer of their products.


  • Easy to carry design
  • Offers comfortability and durability.
  • Extra space for carrying tools.
  • Nylon webbing around the pocket.


  • NO Suspenders.

Custom Leathercraft has a pretty reputation for making the best gears for the professionals. To carry your tape with pliers you need an ideal tool belt so that you don't have to face any hassle during working. This 1608 model can be a perfect belt following its features and reviews. It is designed to load weight without giving any strain on your body. Soft to touch appearance and cover to the core design makes it more desirable. Its stitched pockets are made for providing easy access and more capacity. This belt is available for the waist size 29" to 46."

Notable Features

  • Padded Suspenders

Padded suspenders make the belt’s design unique and comfortable to carry and offer to carry loads easily with a lightweight feeling on lower back and hips. This 1608 model has been designed with 3 wide padded comfort belts. So, there is no risk of getting some strain after a long tiring day.

  • Spill-Proof

Its storage design has the most one of the most useful features that are spill-proof. All, the tools you keep in the belt’s pockets will be arranged ideally without any spill of your contents.

  • Zippers

It has a top flap zipped pouch to carry your smaller components so that they stay organized and spill-proof. So, it has an extra bonus while most of the belts have no zippered pouches.

  • Drill Pocket

A very few numbers of tool belts have extra features to carry drill machine. Drill machines are just an impartial part of electricians. Custom Leathercraft 1608 model offers built-in cordless drill pocket which makes it more admired among professional electricians.

  • Steel Buckles

Buckles made of plastic have higher chance to break down within a short use. While steel buckles hold the durability of belts giving more flexibility of movement and longevity.


  • Unique padded suspenders.
  • Easy storage without spills.
  • Available drill holder.


  • No problems.

3. Gatorback B240 Electrician's Combo with Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt

Gatorback B240 Electrician’s Combo with Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt.

Gatorback is one of the reputed manufacturers of gears and equipment for professionals. It offers the most comfortable electrician's tool belts than other available belts in the market. It can guarantee you 100% satisfaction while others may fail to do so. From its box design to its maximum comfort level design we can recommend you this Gatorback B240 best electrician tool belt without any doubt. It has some highly remarkable features that left other belts very far in the race of best satisfaction.

Notable Features

  • Most Comfortable

It is manufactured with ventilated padding that creates fewer sweats as the memory foaming pads make easier to breathe through your body temperature and give you the most comfortable feeling. Its ultra-breathable materials keep the belt cool, sweat-free and comfortable all day long.

  • Easy to Carry

Carrying handles are designed to prefer easy movement. Putting on or taking it off is really a matter of comfort.

  • Sag-Free Design

This electrician belt’s pouches are aimed in a flexible way lining with plastic so the bag won’t be hanging for any kind of tools you put in it. Its box design doesn’t keep the pouches open and avoids tools to make holes or tears.

  • Tough Materials

Gatorback always uses heavy duty 1250 Dura Tek nylon for their belts. This material is responsible for durability and keeps the pouches rugged and gives enough light feelings not to weigh you down. Pouches’ stress points are riveted very well with the belt and bar tacked. It ensures the longevity of pouches holding up longer.


  • Available sizes from 26” to 55”.
  • Spill-free tools durability with multiple pouches.
  • The right-side tool has 18 pockets and a tape chain. The left side has wider and easily accessible 9 pocket fastener tool pouches.


  • It has no drill machine holder.

4. ToughBuilt - Pouch + Shoulder Strap, Adjustable Flashlight Holder, 3 Adjustable Tool Pockets, 25 Pockets and Loops, Tape Measure Clip

ToughBuilt - Master Electrician Pouch

This belt is highly designed for fulfilling needs of the professional electricians. If you are a tough and rough worker then this belt is totally appropriate for you. It has 25 pockets, 9 screwdriver loops, a wire tester pocket with heavy-duty rivet reinforcement rugged 6 layers construction.

So, this ensures the perfect work flexibility even you’re doing the most hazardous work.

Notable Features

  • Multiple Pockets

It has 25 pockets with loops including a wire-tester pocket. The unique thing you can find in this belt is a flashlight holder. It has rugged 6-layer construction TM and reinforced with the heavy-duty rivet. It also includes a notebook pocket, tape chain, 3 adjustable tool pockets and 9 screwdrivers pockets.

  • Work Durability

It has patented ClipTech Hub so you can keep the belt on the floor, table or next to you by standing. Its shoulder strap makes gives more handy uses as you can directly hang it on your shoulder and work comfortably.

  • Maximum Space

As we already told you it is made for tough workers. Being a tough worker, you need the maximum space to carry your contents. Luckily, it allows you to keep the maximum of your required tools.

  • Fits Every Tool

It is designed to fit to put in your small to big tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, nuts, utility knives, phone leather, flashlight and many more. This

  • Work Compatibility

It is compatible for every professional whether you’re a fisherman, carpenter, electrician, plumber or constructer. It is designed keeping both men and women in the mind.

  • Adjustable Pouches

Its pouches are adjustable so you can keep your short to long tools without worrying about the spill.


  • Fits maximum tools.
  • Ideal for an electrician.
  • Patented ClipTech Hub included.


  • No money back warranty.

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274 Construction Work Apron, 12 Pocket

Custom Leathercraft Suede Construction Belt

Custom Leathercraft is always a popular brand among many electricians and carpenters. This brand designs their products with a simple, unique style. Now, we are going to talk about the best-featured details of this 175274 Construction work apron model.

Notable Features

  • Materials

It is made of reversed top grain leather. There is a major benefit of picking reversed leather. Actually, it is water and soil resistant. So, it will be a smart choice if you buy a belt made of reversed leather to ensure the longevity.

  • Multiple Tools Holder

It has 4 main pockets which can carry your all the necessary tools. Else, there are 6 smaller pockets for fitting your pliers, nail sets, pencils, screwdriver, etc.

  • Hammer Loop

Attached metal “Snap-in” hammer loop makes this belt one step ahead than other belts as most of the belts have no hammer loop.

  • Center Pocket

To keep your smaller tools like nails or tape there’s easy to access center pocket.

  • Available Sizes

Well, size does matter when your wanted things don’t have an available size for you. Luckily, this most popular tool belt has available waist size from 29″ to 46″ featuring 2 Inch Web belt with steel buckle.


  • Available pockets.
  • Hammer loop.
  • Center pocket.


  • No money back warranty.

How Can You Choose The Best Electrician Tool Belt?

Before you go to buy a tool belt for your professional work you should know some features you need in it. Now, we'll discuss some features you must look for.

Comfort Level and Fitness:

Comfort and fitness have been listed at the top of our buying requirements. Actually, it is so supreme when you wear something that fits you perfectly and gives you perfect and comfortable feels. Just for example if your back or hips is being poked by screwdriver and pliers while you're working is not a pleasant matter.

So, you might need to loosen the belt to make your body feel comfortable. Whenever you're buying a belt make sure it has a padded belt. Pad prevents your lower part of back and bone form the injury of tools.

Check Belt Size & Flexibility:

A belt is the most important component for offering you durability in work. Some kinds of belts are not going to long last for a long. They just get scratches after using for some days. If your belt's seams and rivets get teared up with a little use then that is the wrong one for you.

It is also important to choose a belt perfectly fits on your waist because you don't want a mess while working. Actually, loose hanging belt around your waist might be disrupting when you work. On the other hand, close-fitting belts could be a seriously uncomfortable when you have to move continuously on a construction site.

Avoid Large Buckles:

Buckles are one of the most important material to pay attention before you buy the best electrician tool belt. Buckles joint the bag with the belts and an impartial part of belts. Electricians have to move, bend down and lie down for their work. Large buckles can dig or poke into the stomach when they need to bend down. So, you must prefer smaller buckles as they offer most comfortable impression.


Most of the electricians prefer nylon and leather after checking best electrician tool belt reviews. Most of the giant belts companies make the primary material leather for their belts. There are couples of reasons to choose leather over nylon. Leather absorbs the sweat like no other materials can. So, no one wants to carry sweaty smell after a long day work. Contrarywise, nylon comes with padded belts making you feel lite-weight.

So, you would not feel a heavy weight on your back or hips. Else, nylon is lighter than leather but some say leather has better longevity than nylon. The decision is yours to pick out the best belt for you. You can try both materials and return the bad one if there is any warranty available. You also can go to a shop nearby and give a reality check before you buy any belt for you. If you're buying from an online shop like Amazon then you need to give a closer look at the belt's features and reviews.


It is so important to check If the product you're buying belongs to a reputed company. We have seen some buyers have a higher recommendation to buy from a renowned company or site. Sometimes, buying American made is also important for some buyers. Actually, there is a fact that people love a company manufacturer which is trusted, reliable and has good reviews from customers. So, a good manufacturer comes along with the best products, customer satisfaction, money back warranty and customer reliability.

Extra Pockets With Durability:

Carrying a heavy toolbox is not a comfortable or smart way to go on your work as an electrician. You have to search for a tool belt which has more numbers flexible pockets. More pockets mean you can carry more tools along with you in your workplace. The right tool belt will have enough space to carry all the electric mechanism instruments comfortably without any spill. It is really annoying if the tools you’re carrying keeps falling down in the middle of work and you’ve to collect them by bending down. So, you must choose tool belts which have many pouches which are spill-proof.

Price & Warranty:

So, giving a little comparison between price and features can save you from spending more for featureless products. Else, there are a couple of products comes along with the money back warranty. You just need to do a tricky checking before you buy anything if the particular product has the warranty or not.


We are sure you’ve got to know which would be the best electrician tool belt for you far now. Actually, there’s no chance to sacrifice for your comfort level. You just have to select the one which will give you the most of your work flexibility with the best comfort level at the lowest price.

Spending some buck for your essential things is actually an investment. But there is a little thing you need to consider is that you can check the price of the products and features. Sometimes, some products come with the best features at a low price and some other products might not have some special features but hold higher prices.


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