Best Milwaukee Drill Reviews of 2019

Best Milwaukee Drill

It’s important to find a product that has good reviews and a strong reputation to back it up. Milwaukee has been in the business for a long time and new tools. Safety, durability, and quality are all standards for their line-up of tools, and there is sure to be something useful for every homeowner that has projects to attend to, both big and small. With their many features in one, a person gets his or her money’s worth at a time when the economy is tough.

The Top 5 List for Best Milwaukee Drill

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We know it is not easy to select the better one for you while there're many Milwaukee drills. So. here we are giving you top 5 drills reviews to help you out to choose the best Milwaukee drill.

1. Milwaukee 2691-22, 18-Volt Combo Kit (Best Milwaukee Impact Driver)

The Milwaukee 2691-22 is an 18-inch compact drill and driver and impact driver that comes in a combination kit with a cordless feature. Both the half inch compact drill and driver and the quarter inch hex compact impact driver use lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. The kit comes with a carrying case for convenient transport. The tools are known for the use of innovative technology, power, and durability. They have a reputation for getting the job done. Being cordless, they are also easy to use virtually anywhere as long as they are fully charged. They are useful for the consumer who is on the move and needs versatility.

Milwaukee 2691-22 Pros

There are many positive features for the kit. They have LED lights and are lightweight with good motors for maximum performance. The Milwaukee 2691-22 compact drill driver has 400 inches per pound of torque, packing quite a punch in a small package. It has excellent grip when it comes to bit retention, has 24 clutch settings, and is useful for many different types of projects. Ergonomics are another feature, striving to provide the user with the most comfortable so he or she can get the job done in the most reasonable amount of time. The Milwaukee 2691-22 compact impact driver is reported to be fast, powerful, and runs for the duration. It has a battery gauge to help maintain adequate battery power. The lithium-ion batteries used in both tools are also of top quality. While both compact and light, they carry a great amount of power. The battery pack gives the battery protection, promoting life of the battery as well as the tools.

Milwaukee 2691-22 Cons

As with any tool, there are some negative factors that should be considered as well. The Milwaukee 2691-22 kit does rely on battery power. Although convenient, if the battery runs out, the consumer is out of luck and having extra batteries on hand is a costly investment. Eventually, even rechargeable batteries will no longer hold a charge, and the batteries will need to be replaced at around $80 a piece. As nice as cordless tools are, having the option to plug them in as well would be helpful for certain jobs. Some consumers complained of wobbly chucks while others had problems with the rubber bumper strip coming off on the impact drill. Even the best of tools can be faulty and may need to be returned for another product.

Deepth Review

There are a multitude of reviews for the Milwaukee 2691 - 22. Overall, there is an overwhelming, positive response for the tool set as is apparent with many products made by Milwaukee. Of the many customers that took time to write in, one especially liked the power and the fact that both tools were easy to use due to their light weight and compact size. The durability was there for the product and the battery gauge came in handy, giving a clear idea of how much time was left on the tool’s battery to help in project completion. It was considered to be an impressive set, one of the best this particular consumer ever owned.

Special Note

For anyone looking for power, performance, and convenience, the Milwaukee 2691-22 set is worth the investment. Consumers need to do their research and find out what works best for the money. Getting two for one is always a plus. The host of product reviews by content customers is a strong selling point as well as the reputation of Milwaukee standing behind it. Milwaukee is a leader in the industry in developing advanced and innovative hand tools while being in the business for a long time. This set makes a good gift for that person always dabbling in home improvements, easy to store or take along on the job. When something is needed that can be relied on to get the job done, Milwaukee tools come through time after time. Cordless and compact are the name of the game, ready for anyone on the go. Homeowners may well want to have this set as part of their collection, on hand for the next job that needs attention. The Milwaukee 2691-22 is a set that is practical, should last for years to come, and will work effectively when needed.

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2. Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 18-Volt 1 Combo Kit (Best Milwaukee Drill Combo )

The Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 is a combination toolkit that provides consumers with has a half inch hammer/ drill driver and includes a quarter inch hex compact impact driver. It is a cordless set that is recognized as being easy to use due to its compact size and light weight. Batteries are included which are rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries, and it includes a convenient carrying case. As with all of Milwaukee’s hand tools, this tool kit has some of the latest advances in technology and stresses the comfort of the consumer by including features that are ergonomically friendly. Milwaukee tools such as the Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 are synonymous with power and quality.

Milwaukee 2697-22 Pros

There are many positive features to hand tools that have been manufactured by Milwaukee, a leading force in the industry that is continuously looking for ways to improve and incorporate innovations in its products. The Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 is an excellent choice for its cordless feature which means it can go anywhere, anytime without concern for finding an outlet. The rechargeable batteries are of top quality and long lasting, easily powered up with good planning ahead of time for any task. The hammer drill has digital management that is essential for avoiding unnecessary damage to the product due to overload. The impact driver has variable speeds for various applications, and the chuck can be changed quickly for the next important step. LED lights are included to avoid any problems with illumination or the hassle of finding a light source for those hard-to-reach spaces. Both tools are known for power, precision, and effectiveness.

Milwaukee 2697-22 Cons

There are drawbacks to this toolkit, as with any mechanical device. Primarily, the cordless feature can be an issue. The Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 has to have lithium-ion batteries for use. There is no alternative to plug these tools into an electrical source should the batteries expire. Extra batteries can be on hand but could be as much as $80 a battery, an additional expense that may not be welcome. If the battery runs out suddenly and there is no backup, the buyer is stuck while waiting for it to recharge. All rechargeable batteries have a point when they will no longer hold their charge, and they must be replaced. Some consumers reported that they were not sent the same tools as pictured when searching online, suggesting customers take care, do their research, and ask questions ahead of time.

Deepth Review

Many customers responded with personal reviews about their Milwaukee tool combo kit. The majority were extremely satisfied, and one, in particular, wanted to set the record straight in contradiction to any nay-sayers. Of any tools used previously, the owner could not get over the quality and performance of the Milwaukee 2697-22 M18. The consumer would not go back to any other tool and highly recommends the product. The impact driller was something not even needed, but now the buyer feels it is impossible to live without due to the ease it has provided in a multitude of household situations. The batteries were not an issue either, only recharged a few times over the course of several years. Based on this consumer and all other raves, it appears the Milwaukee 2697-22 M18 a front-runner.

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3. Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 18-Volt 4-Tool Cordless Combo Kit

The Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 is one of the best Milwaukee drills. It is an 18 volt, cordless, toolkit that contains a combination of four tools, which makes it quite versatile and practical, giving one the capability to have numerous tools on hand for the task. Tools include a Sawzall, work light, hammer drill, and circular saw. It has advanced technology as well as electronics for ultimate performance. The tools have been designed for user comfort, making the job easier due to sound ergonomics. Being cordless, the tools are rechargeable because of lithium-ion batteries. They’re known for power. Convenience and quality are key in this toolkit that contains tools with patented designs.

Milwaukee 2694-24 Pros

There are many positive features for such a combination product. The Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 has a hammer drill and driver that is reported to drill faster than other brands. It has a powerful motor that will provide 550 inches per pounds of torque and also has speed control. It has an all-metal ratcheting chunk used for bit retention, and its metal gear case means durability and reliability. The Sawzall has a gear-protecting clutch which promotes the longevity of the tool, saving consumers money. It has a Quick-Lok blade, an excellent safety feature for users. With the ability to control the speed, there is better performance in making consistent cuts, and it has a battery gauge to keep an eye on how much power is left. The circular saw has magnesium guards which help to maintain the life of the tool. It also has a safety feature with an electronic brake. The work light can be mounted on a hook and adjusted depending on the purpose of using it. Both safety and durability are key factors in favor of the Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 products are built to last and keep consumers safe when using them. The goal is to provide quality tools that are worth the money and put users’ well being a top priority.

Milwaukee 2694-24 Cons

As with all products, there are some negative factors to take into consideration as well. The Milwaukee 2694-24 M18 is a cordless kit which means there is the potential for the battery to run out in the middle of an important job. Also, if a new lithium-ion battery is required, it is an expensive investment. Although the lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, there will come a time when it will no longer hold a charge and owners must buy replacements for their Milwaukee 2694-24 M18. Also, some owners reported difficulty with charging their tools upon initially buying the kit.

Deepth Reviews

There have been many customer reviews for the Milwaukee 2694-24 M18. While there is the rare negative review, most have been satisfied. One in particular had a great deal of positive feedback, stating the product is well worth the expense for the returns in performance as well as staying power. The individual was especially pleased with how compact it was as well as a light weight that made it easy to manage. The saws did not stall or bind. The drill worked its way through concrete without a problem while the circular saw had no difficulties cutting through a variety of materials. This consumer was ready to trade in other tools in favor of this kit, completely happy with the choice and in the market for other products made by Milwaukee.

Special Note

When it comes to finding a cordless kit that provides versatility, this is one set that is worth consideration. It makes a great gift at any time of the year and can be added as an essential component to any garage or workbench.  With the Milwaukee 2694-24 M18, the next project can be handled with ease as everything is contained in one.

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The Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 is a cordless tool set that has a variety of great features to make it easy to do DIY projects. It is so often when working on a project in the home or professionally that a tool that can perform more than one task is desired. Imagine having four tools in one altogether in one handy contractor bag. It is no longer a dream, but an attainable reality with this handy dandy four in one tool set! So, what comes in this amazing four in one set? The Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 tool set comes with a hammer drill/driver, a Sawzall reciprocating saw, Hex Impact driver, Red Lithium batteries, one-hour charger and a work light. They arrive in a nifty caring case for ease of use and portability. The weight on this amazing set is 23.4 pounds, and that is all the attachments, the unit itself and the battery and charger.

When attempting to complete a DIY job, many times people find themselves at a loss for that perfect tool. One might have the drill, but then they need a saw, and it is back to the tool chest or garage for a search and recovery mission that is both times consuming and it breaks the flow of project completion. It is frustrating, time-consuming and not conducive to reaching product completion. The pros of the Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 solve this problem.

Milwaukee 2696-24 Pros

The hammer drill driver has an all metal chuck, the light on this is an LED light, and it stays lit a few seconds, even after you stop holding down the trigger, the compact size allows for maneuverability even in tight places, the pull-out collar on the Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 makes for easy and swift drill bit changes, there is a quick release for changing saw blades, it is really easy to tell just how much battery power remains with an easy to push button, and having to stop because of a lack of charge is really frustrating, and the replacement blades and bits are available for reorder.

Milwaukee 2696-24 Cons

The battery runs out of power rather quickly when you are using the Sawzall reciprocal saw, the drill bit driver has no clutch, so you run the risk of drilling too deeply, the unit does not always sit nicely in the charger unit, and sometimes a gentle bit of finagling is required to make it connect up properly.

Special Note

The Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 product details from the manufacturer tout innovated patented technologies that are easy and convenient to use. It is ergonomic, and together this tool creates a harmonious blend of power, weight, and performance. When seeking superior torque, awesome power and a longer than their competitor's battery life, this is the combination tool to bring home! This is a tried and true product, from a tried and true company. The Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 4 piece tool set is a great set of tools, in a handy carrying case.

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The Milwaukee 0928-29 28-Volt lithium-ion cordless 4-tool combo kit is a must-have on every handyman’s holiday shopping list. The tool kit includes a hammer-drill driver, circulating saw, reciprocating saw and work light, everything needed for those who require extreme power and superior performance from their cordless tools. All four pieces come with Milwaukee’s patented Clip-Lok system, which hooks the tools securely to your tool belt or tool pouch. In addition to the four tools, the kit includes two 28-Volt lithium-ion batteries, a one-hour charger, saw blades, screwdriver tips and a storage bag. Milwaukee’s tagline is “Nothing but heavy duty!”

Milwaukee 0928-29 Pros

The Milwaukee 0928-29 28-Volt lithium-ion cordless 4-tool combo kit’s four tools are the best you can buy. The hammer-drill driver has a 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck with carbide steel jaws that pretty much eliminates slippage. It runs at two variable speeds of zero to 2,000 and zero to 3,000 strokes per minute thanks to its motor delivering a maximum 750 inch-pounds of torque. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and reduces user fatigue. The reciprocating saw is called a Sawzall, a registered trademark that pretty much sums up what it does. This tool has an amazing amount of cutting power. It’s the saw people reach for when cutting Sheetrock, with its variable speed trigger providing two levels of speed. It also has a patented gear-protecting clutch and keyless shoe adjustment.

The circular saw is the most powerful cordless saw. With enough power to cut more than three hundred two by four planks on one charge, this 6 1/2 inch saw is the ultimate. It features a left-side blade to increase cutting visibility and cuts quickly at 4,200 rpm. Finally, the work light illuminates your work area with a high-intensity xenon bulb. It stays lit for over five hours on a single charge. The 28-Volt battery, called a V28, is revolutionary for its long life between charges. The total shipping weight of the Milwaukee 0928-29 28-Volt lithium-ion cordless 4-tool combo kit is 35 pounds.

Milwaukee 0928-29 Cons

Nothing is for everybody, including the Milwaukee 0928-29 28-Volt lithium-ion cordless 4-tool combo kit. Some people might find the individual tools too heavy. Others might not need as much power as these tools supply, and don’t want to pay for more than they need. Finally, everyone using power tools should think about ear and eye protection.

Special Note

The Milwaukee 0928-29 kit is backed by a five-year limited warranty. Milwaukee service is available throughout the United States and Canada, and they have a toll-free number for easy communication. Do yourself a favor and buy a Milwaukee 0928-29, 28-Volt lithium-ion cordless 4-tool combo kit today.

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Bottom Lines

For anyone who is looking for a practical present or knows that hand tools are an absolute necessity, one can never have too many and Milwaukee products can fit the bill. Using great technology to produce effective and powerful motors, making sure their tools are safe and keeping durability as a goal are all part of the standard for Milwaukee hand tools, and this kit is no exception. The price is reasonable, the quality is there, and the reputation is there for anyone looking to invest in more tools to supplement the supply. They can expect their tools to stand up to the test of time and a variety of tasks. 

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