Best outdoor American flag reviewed.

Best outdoor American flag
Best outdoor American flag.Image Source Pixabay.

You don’t need flags just for the flag day. Flying an American flag is a great way to show your patriotism.

There are events year-round when flying the U.S flag becomes necessary.

The best outdoor American flags are almost always made in the U.S. You can choose between nylon or polyester, but what matters is the quality of the stitching and colors.

We could find only 4 high-quality American flags that we think are worth buying.

Let’s get rolling!

Best outdoor American flag Review

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1. Grace Alley US Flag.

The Grace Alley flags are also one of the most highly regarded flags in the U.S. These flags are known for their high-quality stitching embroidery.

The material used for making this flag is Durawavez Nylon. As a nylon flag, you can expect it to fly better at low winds. The durability in terms of fabric wise will still be lower than polyester. But as the stitching is done tightly, you can expect pretty much the same durability here.

The stars are embroidered over the blue region, and stripes are stitched rather than printed in low-quality flags.

This is an all American flag made 100% in the U.S. So, that pretty much speaks for the quality. Among nylon flags, these are the best you can get.

High-quality stitching covering the long and short sides of the flag.Not suitable for 24/7 outdoor exposure
Stars are embroidered, and stripes are stitched into the flag.
Keeps flying even in low winds.
Brass grommets help to hang the flag properly.

Final verdict

Some people love nylon flags because they are lightweight and can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you want to buy a nylon flag, this flag is almost unbeatable.

2. Annin Flagmakers American Flag.

Annin Flagmakers make the best outdoor American flags in the U.S. The quality is top-notch, however, there are still some loopholes that you might want to know before purchasing.

These are genuine Annin flags and are 100% made in the U.S with all American resources. So, buying such a flag is a good way to show your patriotism.

The first thing that you are going to love is the vibrant colors of these flags. The blue is more like a dark navy blue and looks soothing to the eyes. In terms of brightness and color, nothing can beat Annin flags.

These are 2-ply polyester flags with the highest tolerance for heavy wind and long term exposure to weather conditions. But we found stitching to be not as tight as it used to be on earlier Annin flags. So, you can’t expect long term durability like before.

The customer service is the worst part of buying these flags. If you get a perfectly fine flag, there’s no issue. But some flags might have quality issues depending on the shipment. In that case, it’s hard to get a response from the manufacturer.

Heavy-duty polyester flag that will withstand heavy winds. The stitching could have been tighter.
100% made in the U.S .
The blues and reds of the flag are very vibrant and appealing .
Brass grommets provided are strong enough to hold up in windy conditions .

Final verdict

Overall, Annin flags are quite good in terms of quality and durability. However, they won’t last forever. The vibrant colors make the flag stand out from the others. For more durability, Grace Alley is a good option, which comes next in this review.

3. G128 3×5 ft US Flag.

You should always buy American flags that are made 100% in the U.S. However, some overseas made flags also offer great quality.

The G128 seems like a flag manufactured in China, judging by the red stitching over the blue area.

The only reason to buy such a flag is because of the cost. You can save 8-10 bucks at least and will be suitable for those who put up flags in every U.S event.

The stitching quality is pretty good with four rows of lock stitching that will prevent fraying.

This nylon flag is also Uv resistant and has a waterproof coating on it. So, you can expect it to last more than the other flags in wet conditions.

Embroidered stars with stitched stripes. Not made in the U.S.
Strong lock stitching that will minimize fraying .
Cost-effective for year-round use.

Final verdict

This is a budget-friendly U.S flag that will serve better than other non-branded flags in the market. However, it totally depends if you want to buy an American flag made outside the U.S.

4. Anley Fly Breeze US flag.

The Anley Flag is the cheapest American we have on this list. Judging by the price, the quality is pretty good. But you can’t expect too much from a flag that can be bought under $6-$7.

The material is polyester. However, it’s recommended to use only low winds and will not last long if you do the opposite.

The double stitching in this flag is what makes it last longer. The colors are quite bright and vibrant.

The only issue is that it’s not made in the U.S.

Double stitching provides durability to some extent.Not suitable for high winds .
Lightweight polyester for flying in low winds. Fabric quality is low .
UV resistant.
Super budget-friendly.

Final verdict

You get what you pay for. This is an average quality flag. The reason we are reviewing it is that you cannot get any better flag at such a low price. Useful for indoor and occasional outdoor use. 

Outdoor American flag buying guide.

1. Fabric Material

Depending on the duration of use, the fabric choice for flags change. So, you need to decide whether your flag is going to be hoisted 24/7 or occasionally.

These are the fabric materials that are widely used in flag making:


If you want to keep your flags outdoor for a moderate period of time, nylon will be a good choice.

You also need to take the climate into consideration.

Nylon flags shed water faster than other flags. So, if you live in a wet climate where rain and drizzle are common, it’s best to get a nylon flag.

These flags are super lightweight and fly even in low-speed winds. Moreover, the bright lustrous appearance of nylons made them so popular among Americans.


For hoisting your flag year-round, polyester flags are the best.

Polyester is tougher and denser than nylon. So, it’s safe to say it will withstand weather, wear and tear better than other flags.

If you live in Texas, Lowa, or Oklahoma, where the wind speed is high on average, nylon flags will be more suitable. These dense flags can withstand heavy winds and will last longer than nylon.

There are different grades of polyester. Some have a polyester and cotton mix, and these are cheaper. For the best performance, look for 2-ply polyester fabric.


A cotton flag is not suitable for prolonged outdoor use. So, it’s best to avoid it.

However, you can use it occasionally outdoors.

Get this if you want it to use mostly indoors.

2. Size of the flag

We reviewed only 3ft x 5ft flags as these are the most appropriate size for residential use. But depending on the height of the pole, the flag size will vary. Here’s a table for reference.

Height of the flagpole (ft)Size of the American flag (ft)
6-193 x 5
20-243 x 5 or 4 x 6
254 x 6
25-295 x 8 or 6 x 10
30-395 x8 or 6 x 10
40-496 x 8 or 8 x 12
50-598 x 12 or 12 x 18
70-7912 x18 or 15 x 25
100-11915 x 25 or 20 x 38
200+30 x 60

3. Quality of sewing

The quality sewing will prevent your flag from fraying. The seams should be strongly stitched for minimum fraying.

It’s hard to judge the quality of sewing when you buy online. However, reputable U.S brands almost always manufacture quality flags.

As a guide, you can look for double-needle seams and backstitch reinforcement on the seams. 

4. Origin of manufacturer

The country of origin is also a crucial factor when buying American flags. You don’t want to buy your country’s flag from an unknown seller from China. However, some overseas U.S flags do offer quality and durability.

Look for Made in USA labels, and don’t let your money flow to another economy.

Also, look for ‘certified made in the USA’ label. This means that every step of the production was completed in the U.S using U.S labor and facilities.

Outdoor American flag FAQ

1. Nylon or polyester, which is better for an outdoor flag?

When you fly a flag outdoors, probably the factor that affects most is wind. So, long term exposure to heavy winds can make your flag weaker.

In terms of durability and strength, polyester flags are better as outdoor flags. You can use Nylon for moderate exposure to weather conditions.

2. How long would an outdoor flag last?

Usually, Nylon flags last 90 days if you use them every day from sunset to sunrise. If you use them 24/7, flags might not last even 30 days. Polyester will probably last more but not forever. For prolonging the life of your U.S flag, you need to save it from rain and snow.

3. Which fabric for an outdoor American flag will last the longest?

The Polyester 2-ply will last the longest depending on the duration of its exposure to inclement weather. But polyester flag will require you to live in a place where the wind is heavy. Because the fabric is too heavy to fly on light winds. 

4. Can I put my American flag on my car or vehicle?

Yes, you can put your flag on your vehicle. There is no legal restriction for using flags on vehicles in the U.S. Size restrictions don’t apply to flags put on cars and trucks as long it doesn’t obstruct the view of the driver. 

5. Can I fly the U.S flag at night?

Yes, you can fly the U.S flag at night, but only if you illuminate it with light. The lighting should be such that a passer-by can easily recognize the flag at night. Other than that, the U.S flag code requires the flag to be put up from sunrise to sunset.

6. How to take care of a nylon flag when it gets wet?

Nylon flags become wrinkled easily after it gets wet. So, to let it fly freely, you need to iron the flag every time it gets wet. Keep in mind, you should keep the heat setting at the lowest when ironing a nylon fabric.

7. Can you burn the U.S flag?

There is no legal binding in the U.S that restricts the burning of the U.S flag. Usually, worn out or torn flags can be burned and destroyed. It was illegal to burn U.S flags before 1990.

8. Did Betsy Ross really make the first U.S flag?

The story that Betsy Ross first made the American flag with instructions from George Washington is just a story with no historical evidence present in the U.S flag history.

The story became immensely popular after William Canby, Ross’s grandson, gave a speech in the 1800s. 

9. Should I burn the flag if it touches the ground?

It’s a myth. You are not obliged to burn the American flag if it touches the ground. So, long it’s suitable for a display you can keep it flying. 

10. How the stars in an American flag oriented?

There are 50 stars in the American flag, which are arranged in 9 rows. Rows of 6 stars and 5 stars alternate each other and make up the whole 50 stars.

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