6 Best Outdoor Doormat.

best outdoor doormat
Best outdoor doormat. Image Source Pixabay.

An outdoor doormat does not necessarily have to be put outside of your home. An outdoor Doormat refers to the entrance mat that we put in front of our doors.

This is the first thing your visitor will notice about your home, so buying the best outdoor mat obviously matters.

There are a few things that determine which type of outdoor mat you need for your home. So, make sure you go through our buying guide before buying it.

Best Outdoor Doormat Reviews.

1. Gorilla Grip Rubber Doormat.

The Gorilla Grip Doormat is the best front doormat for you. Why we have chosen this one to be on our list has a number of reasons.

Often we need a doormat that absorbs moisture from the porch to keep the porch clean. And no other mat other than this one can do this job better.

Top Features of this doormat.

Super absorbance capacity.

This doormat has a strong rubber beveled border that helps to absorb the moisture in it. This way it keeps the porch, entryway or the place you are keeping it clean.

Best doormat for pets

Unlike the fabric and woolen mats, this rubber doormat doesn’t catch your pet’s hair that much. And even if it does, you can get rid of it with just one or two shakes. So, if you have pets in your house, you should definitely buy this one as it is the best doormat for pets.

Traps dirt and easy to clean

This doormat absorbs moisture and traps the dirt inside the slightly raised polypropylene fabric. It’s very easy to clean and it also dries out very quickly. What else you want in a doormat.

Pros Cons
It holds water and keeps the floor clean.Strong rubbery smell
Great for those who have pets in their house.Not for indoor use
Great quality doormat made from heavy-duty loop carpet.
It takes almost no time to clean.
Enhances the look of your entryway.

Final Verdict

The Gorilla Grip Doormat is a great low-profile mat for your front door, patio or office. It’s easy to clean, so it’s supposed to save you time. And, if you are a proud owner of a fur buddy, then you need not look for another doormat.

2.PLUS Haven Pure Coco Coir Doormat.

Plus Haven Coir Doormat gives your house a classical look with its pure coco coir construction. This heavy-duty entrance mat can be used as both indoor and outdoor doormats. Its amazing features make it one of the best doormats for cleaning shoes while keeping your house dirt-free.

Top Features

Best Doormat for Dirt and Mud.

The coir construction defines it all because no other material can absorb moisture and mud like coir. Coir has a harsh surface that produces strong friction. So it cleans your shoes within seconds and absorbs the mud into it.

Absorbs Moisture and Traps Dirt.

Coconut husk has a high absorbance of moist. And its excellent scraping properties trap the dry dirt and dust very easily. That’s why this mat is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

If your house gets dirty way too easily with the mud coming with the shoes, then this is the best doormat for your house.

Strong Built, Weighted Doormat.

Its anti-static and anti-slip properties of the bottom layer combining with the heavy and strong built coir accustomed to heavy traffic entrances. You can go for years with this coir mat as its coarse fiber and heavy construction is meant to last at least for 3 years if you maintain a regular vacuuming or cleaning routine.

Pros Cons
Heavy and thick mat holds maximum moisture.This mat is not fade resistant. So it fades away way too quickly.
Traps dry dust and dirt.Takes very long to dry.
Lasts for a very long time.
Needs very low maintenance.

Final Verdict.

The eco-friendly Plus Haven Pure Coir Mat is a perfect choice for your outdoor or indoor entrance ways. Though it fades away after using for a while, no other doormat can offer you a heavy-duty use and durability like this doormat.

3. California Home Goods Non -Slip Outdoor Floor Mats.

California Home Goods presents one of the best rubber doormats- The 2-pack Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat. This anti-slip mat ensures a long-lasting use with great features.

Top Features

Recycled Plastic and Rubber Provides Slip Resistance.

This entrance mat is made of recycled plastic and rubber which is more eco-friendly compared to other plastic materials. The polyester fiber traps the dirt very as soon as you step on the mat. It also keeps the moist locked and keeps your floor clean and safe from the dirt.

Comes with Lifetime Guarantee.

This heavy-duty rubber entrance mat comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is amazing for a doormat. So you might get tired looking at the same doormat and end up throwing it away, but it will still work fine.

Washable and Quick Dry.

The cleaning method is pretty simple and fast with this doorway mat. You just need to shake out the dirt from the mat and then just wash it with mild soap and some sprinkle of water with the garden hose.

This polyester rug is washable and it’s easy to wash.Some users found difficulty in laying it flat.
Works perfect as a shoe dirt scraper and traps the dirt.It is a little smaller than it seems.
Slip-resistant rubber border ensures a safe use.
You can use anywhere indoor or outdoor for any purpose.
It’s weather-resistant and fade-resistant.

Final Verdict.

This recycled plastic made rug is friendly to the weather though, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It also got some best doormat reviews for its versatile use.

4. Cosyearn Large Door Mats.

The Cosyearn Large Doormat is a light to medium-duty entrance mat with great features compatible with winter and rainy seasons.

Top Features

Waterproof, Durable and Slip-Resistant.

Cosyearn large doormat is specially designed to withstand the winter and rainy season. So it has waterproof and high-quality environmental PVC construction. It’s soft and durable. This slip-resistant doormat traps dry dirt and mud from the shoes with its deep grooves and high-quality mesh.

Extra-large size for the big entrance door.

This mat is just perfect for a house with a big entrance. Its black finish with the beautiful design patterns makes it attractive to the guests. Though it’s lightweight and offers a medium-duty, you wouldn’t be needing much more if you are looking one keeping the moist weather in your mind.

It comes with a money-back guarantee.

There is a maximum possibility that you won’t need to use this. But, in case you are not satisfied with this big waterproof doormat, don’t worry. Cosyearn offers a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee for your inconvenience as they put their customer’s satisfaction on their topmost priority.

Versatile Use

This large size doormat can be used as a boot mat, entry mat, shoe mat, indoor mat, etc. And its versatile use makes it the best buy for your home decor.

Comes with decorative patterns.Light to a medium-duty doormat
Waterproof, weather-resistant.Too lightweight
Perfect outdoor mat for winter and rainy season.
Great quality at a very affordable price.

Final Verdict

The Cosyearn large size doormat is the best outdoor doormat for winter and rainy weather. It’s been designed with waterproof components that keep it safe from extreme moist and rainwater. So, if you have been looking for a perfect doormat for winter then get it without any second thought.

5. BEAU JARDIN Mud Doormat.

The BEAU JARDIN absorbent mat is one of the best indoor doormats but, you can use it at your front door as well if it doesn’t get direct sunlight. This low-profile, non-slip mat is easy to maintain.

Top Features

Variation in Size and Color.

This indoor mat comes with a wide range of color variations with three size options. So, you can just measure your door, select the size, select the color and place your order.

With many color variations, they allow you to choose the best option matching your interior.

Machine Washable.

This mat is machine washable, though some people found it troublesome. To wash it the right way, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

This cotton-polyester mixed rug backed up with a latex bottom can withstand 30 degrees of temperature, not more than that. So you need to wash it in cold water without any detergent or softener.

A large community washing machine is preferable to get the job done if you want less fiber shedding.

Absorbent fibers.

Super absorbent cotton-polyester mixed fibers soak up a great amount of water, mud, and moisture. It can withstand heavy pet traffic as well. So, if you have dogs or cats in your house, this indoor mat can save your house floor from getting those muddy paw prints.

Available in different size and color variations.Some found it troublesome to wash and dry it.
Low profile mat lets the door open and closes easily.
Its non-slip 100% latex backing ensures safety and offers a good grip.
Super soft and great for your pets.
Absorbs the moist and mud fast.
Machine washable

Final Verdict

With the customizable size and color variations, and fantastic water absorbance, this became a popular and the best inside doormat in 2019. If you have pets at your home, you want to give it a try.

6. GrassWork Clean Machine High Traffic Doormat.

GrassWorx Clean Machine High Traffic Doormat is the best doormat for cleaning shoes. It works no less than a coir doormat. And it’s much more stylish than the classic looking coir doormats also.

Top Features

Genuine AstroTurf Scraper Blades.

The Grassworx Clean Machine Doormat is made in the USA. The material used for making this weighted doormat is genuine AstroTurf Scraper Blades, which has a very rough texture like the coir. It works just great for scraping the mud and dirt. But it might be too harsh for your puppies’ sensitive paws.

Heavy Traffic Doormat

This shoe scraper outdoor entrance mat can handle heavy traffic entrance since it has a capacity of holding and hiding up to 1 pound of dirt in it for 1 week. So, you can imagine already, how well it serves your home to keep it clean.

Versatile and Durable Use

This nice-looking polyethylene doormat can enhance the look of your front door, back door, patio, garage door and anywhere you keep it. It has been manufactured with all-weather resistant, mold and mildew resistant and fade-resistant elements. So, you can enjoy a long and durable use of this outdoor mat.

Best doormat for sand and dirt.The texture of this doormat can be too rough for puppies with sensitive paws.
Suitable for heavy-duty traffic.
Made of high-quality non-microfiber material.
Durable and mold-resistant mat.

Final Verdict.

The Grassworx Clean Machine High-Traffic Doormat is easy to clean and maintain. As it can hold a lot of dirt, mud and moist locked in it without damaging, you can expect it to last very long. The users of this product left very good reviews on this product which is another plus. It is definitely one of the best outdoor doormats that you should give a try.

Outdoor Doormat Buying Guide.

Depending on the purpose of use, doormats can be categorized as either one of Indoor, Outdoor or Interior Mats. Each type of mat has a different purpose to serve. Depending on that, your selecting process will also vary.

Here we will be highlighting what you need to look for while choosing the best outdoor doormat for your house.

1. Material

There are 8 types of doormat based on the materials only. So, which type of material should you choose for outdoor mats?

Well, the answer is- materials that can handle a heavy-traffic entrance. For example, coir and heavy-duty polypropylene are great for the outdoor mat.

Outdoor entrance mats are supposed to prevent dirt and mud from entering your house, so whatever material it is, it should scrape your shoe dirt and absorb the moist.

2. Weighted mat

Yes, weight matters in an outside doormat. Lightweight mats apparently cannot cope with heavy traffic. And a front doormat is the most-used doormat in your house. So look for a heavy doormat as much as 1.5-2lb that can be accustomed to the load and last for a long time.

3. All-Weather Resistance.

Outdoor mats are the most roughly usable mat. It is left outside of the front door, back door or patio and has to survive through all weather. So, whenever you are buying an outdoor mat, look whether it has all-weather resistance, fade resistance, mold and mildew resistance, and moist absorbance.

If you live in a cold region, then you should be looking for snow and an ice-melting doormat that is made of waterproof polyethylene or rubber. Since it would have to handle the ice and snow every now and then, it should be compatible with the most. Coir, microfibers, and cotton are not suitable materials for winter and rainy season because these materials tend to damage if left moist or wet for a longer period.

4. Easy Maintenance.

Outdoor doormats are supposed to get dirty very frequently. Therefore, you should look for such a product that is easy to clean and dry out very easily. There are some doormats that are machine washable. In that case, we recommend you to read through the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before washing.

Other outdoor doormats can be washed with mild liquid soap or baking soda. You can wash it simply with a garden hose and rub off the soap.


Important FAQs about Outdoor Doormats.

1.   How to clean an outdoor mat?

Outdoor mats are usually easy to clean. Usually, for a daily routine, you can just shake it out several times and sweep the porch.

You should deep clean or wash it once a week. For that, you can vacuum the mat properly and then wash it off with mild soap and some sprinkle of water.

2.   Do outside doormats shed?

Yes, Coir and microfiber doormats do shed. But it should be only a little amount. But, if you don’t follow the washing instructions, then sometimes it can shed excessively.

Some mats are machine washable under some conditions like the BEAU JARDIN Mud Doormat. But if you do wash it with warm or hot water, then you might end up shedding a lot of fibers from the doormat. And, it won’t last long that way.

3.   How to measure the doormat for my front door properly?

Before buying a doormat, measure your door frame including the screen doors and frames. The length of the doormat should be equal or a little less than the length of the doorframe. This is how you get the measurements right.

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