Best Pill Cutter Reviews in 2018 | Reviews & Guide

The pill regularly? Well, your medical stage can sometimes force you to take medicines on a regular basis. People who have to take medicine daily only knows the importance of the best pill cutter in their life.

Sometimes, the doctor prescribes half or quarter of a tablet and every time you can’t bear a mess to divide your pills with knife and scissors.

Actually, pills are not equally divided when you cut them with a knife or scissors. Sometimes, they get broken or ruined and left non-consumable. So, it very much important to know which is the best pill cutter.

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Top 5 best Pill Cutter Reviews

We know you want to save some of your money and we care for it. Actually, prescribed by half or quarter of a medicine isn’t a bothersome matter. The fact is that to ensure safety and precautions of the left-over. Every elderly individual has to take a lot of pills and some tablets are prescribed to take half in a day.

So, you can store and cut your tablets safely without any damage buying a pill cutter for you. Even you don’t need a pill cutter but you can gift a splitter to elder relative or beloved one. This can be a perfect gift for those who need to eat a lot of pills every day. It is not only beneficial, you can find it at a cheap price also.

Now, we are just moving to the best 5 pill cutters reviews next. You can check out today’s reviews and find the perfect one for you.

1. The Equadose Pill Splitter. The Best Pill Cutter Ever! Crafted in the USA

best pill cutter

It comes first on our list for some solid reasons. It is the professional best pill cutter ever for them who have used it. Whatever you have to split from your long-term prescriptions you can split easily with a comforting feeling. It contains razor-sharp blades and cut even the smallest pills. Cut evenly your pills neatly and cleanly in half, quarter or even smaller. It is made from solid aircraft aluminum and will last forever.

Features of The Equadose Pill Splitter

Long Lasted Blades

The blades are angled and will never lose it sharpness. Though they are not sharp to touch.

Double Blades

This cutter has double blades and creates a perfect shape every time you cut even a small tablet.


It can cut any size or shape of medicines. So, it is compatible with every kind of counter medicines you’ll ever have.


The best thing about it is that made in the USA. The materials are used to make it is solid aircraft aluminum.


  • Designed with double blades.
  • Long lasting materials.
  • Crafted in the USA.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Cut any size of tablets.
  • Gives perfect shape of medicine.


  • It can cut your fingers if you become a little bit careless.
  • It has a compartment to hold and store medicines.

2. Ezy Dose Original Pill Cutter / Splitter

best pill cutter

Do you want something very lite and smooth for your eyes? Well, Ezy offers a lot of features in their Dose Original splitter. It is simple to use and you won’t have to create a force to cut a tablet. It’s simple in design and cuts easily. It is ruling in the world of easy to use splits medication efficiency.

Ezy Dose products are renowned for making the life better, healthier and easier for its unique products like pill cutters, crushers of tablet and other easy fill planners products.

Features of Ezy Dose Original Pill Cutter

Compact design

It offers discrete storage and easy transference. Its compact design is very useful to store the medicine after you cut.


Especially, it has stainless steel blade which Is durable and easily cuts tablets.

Cutting Action

Its cutting action is worthy of remarkable. It is designed to cut the medicine without any big pressure. You just need to give a little pressure for cutting pills.


This cutter has been made of high-quality materials and designed for repeated use.

Color Availability

You can get a variety of available color if you order from Amazon. So, check out the colors and select which one is easy for your eyes.


  • Work with a little pressure.
  • Sharpe blade.
  • Available color.

3. MYNER Pill Cutter, High-Safety BLADE HIDDEN Pill Splitter

best pill cutter

Handy and efficient are the words we can use to explain the compatibility of this MYNER pill cutter. It contains plunger mechanism called “stamp like” which pushes down and easily cuts the medicine in half.

Features of MYNER Pill Cutter, High-Safety BLADE HIDDEN Pill Splitter

Cuts Easily

Sometimes, large pills are hard to cut by cutters. This model splitter cut down large pills very easily in half.

Easy to Carry

It is a compartment based cutter. You can store your medicines in it and take it with you while you are going for an outing or traveling. The handiest feature is you can take it out for your work days.

Stays Clean

Your medicines stay safe in it as it is air-proof. So, you don’t have to worry about the hygienic part.

Sharp Blade

It consists stainless sharp blade. Particularly, you won’t have to give much pressure to cut the medicines. Just a little pressure and your medicine are cut in half.

Positive Reviews

Most of the people who used it have given positive reviews. So, there is a little hope to rely on it.


  • Cuts easily in half.
  • Needs no pressure.
  • Sharp blade.
  • Has rubber-like a basement to hold pills.

4. Ezy Dose Pill Cutter with Safety Shield

best pill cutter

Ezy has its own reputation for the healthier, easier and stable medical life. This model of cutter provides the safe and easy way to cut & store.  It offers a clean and handy compartment for storage. It looks very fancy with built-in magnifier look and has orange and a kind of blue color.

Features of Ezy Dose Pill Cutter with Safety Shield


You can see while cutting your tablets. It has built-in-magnifier which gives a comfortable feeling when you cut you medicines. You can see if the measurement is okay or not and you can again set the medicine in the right place.


It has been built with heavy duty stainless blade. It cuts through easily and gives a perfect shape.

Adjustable Slider

A slider is one of the most important parts of any cutter. This Ezy model has the adjustable slider which ensures a clean and secure cut for medicines.

Safety Shield

Its full body is covered with safety shield so you cut a tablet there is no chance of getting finger cut.

Easy to Carry

It is lite in weight and easy to carry with you wherever you’re going.


  • Built-in magnifier.
  • Covered safety shield.
  • No risk of cutting fingers.
  • Heavy-duty blade.


  • No compartments to store medicines for later on use.

5. Split Ease Pill Cutter

best pill cutter

Made in the USA is the thing we can tell you about this cutter. It is one of the best splitters for professional use. You don’t have to face any split with it. It cuts evenly and gives the most secure way to store medicines without any risk. There is no risk of cutting fingers even. For us, it is totally safe, secure and handy to use.

Features of Split Ease Pill Cutter


Its design is ergonomic which gives the most effortless easy cutting. You can find the handiest split free benefits from it.


This model is one of the safest and durable cutters. It contains steel cutting edge not a razor blade. You can cut every kind of medicines like scored and un-scored tablets.


This spilled ease cutter is durable and tough for its own special ingredients. It is built with industrial grade materials.


The width of a penny includes the maximum diameter of .75″ and thickness is .11″ when two pennies stacked flat on each other.


  • Takes little effort to cut.
  • Contains stainless steel cutting edge.
  • Split free.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee.


  • No closed compartment to store medicines.

How To Select The Best Pill Cutter

There are many things to consider after you made up your mind to buy pill cutters. Actually, they are so handy when you’ve to take medicines on a daily basis. We know your need and requirements so we are going to first talk about the peaks you need to look for in medicine cutters. There are some additional features can make you feel go higher with the compatibility and easy to access. Now, let’s know some features you should look for your medicines splitters.

Built-In Container

It is really troublesome when you cut your medicine with a splitter and it falls on the floor, Right? So, most of the users search for additional features of the built-in container.

A built-in container stay shut and it is much safer to hold your medicines after it gets parted into half or quarter. Else, the rest of the medicine can stay safe in the shut container for the next use.

Fancy Uses

Some people want to have multiple uses for a cutter. As like, attached with key ring is a use that is desirable for many. Other people want available attachment option with pockets and bags. So, they carry it with them and can use anywhere.

In this case, it has lesser chance to get lost while most of the little things get lost easily. Otherwise, you can use it in many ways depending on your need.

Difficult to Open For Children

It has sharp stainless blades so it is not safe for children. As cutters look good to play with and smaller in size. So, children have been seen interested to play with them. It is wiser to find cutters which are difficult to open by children. Else, secured sealing keeps the medicines safer.

Sharpe Blades

The more Sharpe blade you get, the more durable will be your medicine shape after cutting. Without sharpness, medicines can turn into a mess.


One more thing you must pay attention when you buy splitters is size. Depending on your intend you can choose big or small.


Color is another fact for splitters users. There are multiple colors available in the market. So, go with the color you like.

Check “Safety-Shield”

There are some splitters comes with the manufacturers’ claims that they are 100% safe and never cause damage or cut to your finger. So, double check the “Safety-Shield’ logo on the product.


Most of the splitters are very low in price. You can get a good and comfy to use one within your short budget.


You don’t need to replace or buy new splitters within a short time. You can replace the splitter after a few years as they hold much durability for using many days.


From plastic to steel, you can find every kind of medicines cutters. Sometimes plastic clutters can be broken by falling down from hand or steel can be turned into mirage stage after some days usage. So, the materials you’re going to choose must be long-lasting. So, follow the specifications of the products and buy the right one which has more longevity.


Most of the pill cutter has round, triangle and heart shape to cut the tablets. But, you have to choose the cutter which can cut the different shape of tablets. Every medicine comes in a different shape. But, you can’t buy different shaped tablets for you. Because it will be an expensive and hazardous problem. So, buy a cutter which enables multiple shapes of cutting.

Check Some Customer Reviews

You can surely trust a customer who has used it already. The genuine customer won’t tell a lie. If you want to rely on one customers’ reviews then we would likely to advice you to check some reviews and find out the reaction of users. So, you will get to are they happy or unhappy with the product compatibility. You will also get many answers to your own inquiry about the products. if the products meet up with your requirements then you can buy the product for yourself.

best pill cutter

How To Use A Splitter or Pill Cutter

You have to know the exact usage of a pill cutter before you use. Otherwise, you may end up cutting your finger or spoiling your pills. Every splitter might have different using way but we would likely to give you the basic instruction.

  • Keep the splitter on a flat surface.
  • Uncover the lid and place the pill in the pill’s basement between the blades.
  • Remove your finger away from the blade first of all.
  • Before putting the pills on the surface make sure the place is fully dry and clean.

After buying the splitter first thing you have to do is to clean it very smoothly with warm water and a good liquid dishwasher soap. If you don’t have liquid dishwasher soap then you can use the bar soap for cleaning. After cleaning the splitter, you can dry it well and rub with a soft clean cloth.

Hazards & Cautions To follow:

  • Keep the cutter in a safe place like in a drawer or in a higher place (Shelf).
  • Keep out of children eyesight so that they can’t react to it.
  • It has sharp blades which can cause you serious fingers cutting.
  • Badly infirm patients aren’t suitable to use the pill cutter.
  • Always keep away the fingers from the blades as they can cause deeper cut and injury.
  • You can’t crush or cut every type of tablets.

We shall stop now talking about points to aim before buying splitters. Actually, the thing is you have to follow that how much the splitter will be beneficial to you.


The innovation of pill cutter has made people’s life easier and stable. You can make yourself away from many hassles after taking a decision to buy a pill cutter for you. When you have already decided to buy a splitter, you have to make sure you’re choosing a splitter which can afford you complete comfortability to cut the medicines and safety.

We really appreciate to let you know that select a splitter that will avoid finger cuts and safety of your medicines. From our today’s top list of best pill cutter reviews, you can pick the desired one for you now.