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5 Best Spinning Rod for Bass Fishing

Best Spinning Rod for Bass Fishing

Spinning rod sometimes gets rapped as equipment not conducive to accurate casting. But accuracy with spinning rod is not out of reach, as many exhibition casters easily prove, provided you invest time in practice and know how to do more than just let the lure fly and land wherever it happens to come down. The latter point means that you have to do what baitcasters do: use a finger or fingers to help control the line. Here, we reviewed top 5 best spinning rods for bass fishing with buyer's guide.

Tips to Buy Best Spinning Rod for Bass Fishing

Obtaining Accuracy

When casting, the released outflowing line can be moderately controlled during a cast by allowing it to brush against an extended index finger from the rod-holding hand; the finger should be held near the spool lip. Known as feathering, this is the most common method of controlling line that is cast from a spinning reel, although it is only moderately effective at achieving accuracy.

Better accuracy can be obtained by allowing the outgoing line to brush against the forefinger of the non-casting hand, although the open bail wire may make this difficult. To do this, the front of the reel has to be in the palm of the non-rod-holding hand; extend the forefinger of that hand and press it against the lip of the reel's spool, keeping it there while casting. When the cast is made and the lure released, keep the non-rod-holding hand in place and control the line by applying slight pressure on it with the forefinger. This method puts the forefinger of the non-rod-holding hand on top of the line as it peels off the spool during the cast.

Getting Distance

For many spinning tackle users, especially those fishing in open-water situations, accuracy is not critical. Reel manufacturers have played to this by emphasizing the ability of their products to obtain distance. Because a spinning reel allows line to flow off a stationary spool, it is possible to cast (especially light lures) impressive distances, provided that the line is not impaired and the reel spool is full or nearly so.

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