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Best Spotting Scope Tripod

You’ve got a spotting scope! And now you are craving for stability!

That’s the reason, we got the best tripods for spotting scope and reviewed them in detail.

Buying a spotting scope tripod is not straightforward. The wrong one will hamper the visibility and usability of your spotting scope.

You need to consider a number of factors before buying. We will go into those later in this article.

With hundreds of models available on the market, these 10 tripods will help you narrow down and make an informed buying decision.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start at…

10 Best Spotting Scope Tripod Review.

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1. Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod.

The Vortex Optics Pro GT is designed for reliable performance in any kind of condition. This Vortex spotting scope tripod is pretty light but a heavy-duty unit.

The unit is combined with 3 anodized legs that have rubber feet for better stability. The rubber feet are too good and you’ll find them highly suitable in most of the surfaces.

Additionally, the tripod comes with a 3-way quick-release pan/ tilt head that delivers you solid and smooth optics support. This awesome tripod is able to provide you pretty good support with its strong stability and versatile mobility, and I’m sure that this kit will satisfy you with its extreme performance.

The Vortex optics pro GT offers you 24.6 inches (down) to 67.1 inches (extend) of supporting height. The weight of this tripod is just 1.44 ounces that makes it highly portable so that you can easily carry it in your adventure.

This lightweight and sturdy tripod comes with flip lever leg lock which is valued for rapid height adjustment along with set up. On the other hand, this kit provides extra stability on blustery days if you attach extra weight to balance hook placed at the bottom of the center column. This attachment offers you better stability, especially in windy situations.

The tripod is highly suitable for both casual and professional uses as you get complete freedom of movement of your optical devices. Not only the quick adjustment but also this kit has a special mechanism for quick installation and removal for your optical devices in order to save your valuable time and avoid the unusual condition.

This small piece is a complete spotting scope tripod and surely, it’s one of the best spotting scope tripods for hunting. You may pick this tripod for your adventure without worry and we can ensure you that this kit won’t disappoint you.

Rugged & stable anodized aluminum legs.The stability is not satisfactory. You have to add an additional hook.
Rubber feet for more stable and secure control.
Fast & accurate height adjustment ability.
Quick installation and removal feature for optical devices.
Quick-release plate, 3-way pan head.

2. Vanguard Alta 264AO Tripod.

The Vanguard Alta 264AO is one of the best spotting scope tripods for the money. If you’re looking for the best budget spotting scope tripod then we assume that this tripod can be your perfect choice because of its features and price combination.

This tripod has 4 section aluminum alloy legs of 26 mm which can b set to 25-degree, 50-degree and 80-degree angles in order to enable the extreme photography ability at a low angle. On the other hand, it offers a 360-degree panning pan head along with the quick release plate to speed up your work. Besides, it has a bubble level and backup safety lock features.

The weight of the kit is just 4.63 pounds so that you can carry it everywhere with you easily. It has 11 pounds of maximum load capacity, so you can set a heavy camera or optical device with good stability.

It allows 25.38 inches of folded height and 70.13 inches of extended height which is good enough for a proper spotting. The kit has a strong magnesium-based die-cast canopy and advanced control over shock and vibration so that you get the most stable support from the tripod.

The rubber feet of the tripod makes it more effective on any surface and the flip leg locks provide better stability. Additionally, the all-weather handgrip foam is another brilliant addition to the kit. For this foam, you are able to use the tripod effectively in any weather.

This aluminum tripod has the feature to adjust the legs of the tripod individually so you can set the kit more effectively even on uneven ground. Basically, this Vanguard spotting scope tripod can be one of your perfect companies while you’re outdoors and I’m pretty sure that you will get good support from this excellent tripod.

Pros Cons
Suitable foam of hand grip for all weathers.More height would have been preferable.
Advanced shock and vibration control feature.
A 360-degree quick panning.
Extremely performable for low angle photography.
Strong die-cast canopy made of magnesium.

3. Bushnell 784030 Tripod.

The Bushnell 784030 Advanced is a highly portable tripod that is made especially for spotting scopes, camcorders, binoculars, and SLR cameras. This is an advanced tripod which has many extra and effective features.

The tripod is made with durable aluminum legs which make the kit lightweight and sturdy. The weight of this kit is just 5.5 pounds and it has 11 pounds of maximum load capacity. The legs of the kit can be adjusted into different height and angle individually so that you can get the best support for your optical devices on any surface. This is a great ability for the uneven ground of the hills.

This Bushnell tripod has a large mounting platform of 3-way pan/ lift head; and obviously, it uses the universal 1/4″-20 mounts. The working height of the device is 18.3 inches (folded) and 61 inches (extended). You may also adjust the height between those. There are padded foam cushions in the legs of the kit in order to add comfort in extreme cold or hot conditions. Additionally, the tripod is fully featured and has the stand-up viewing capability to ensure the support in the deck or roadside where the portability isn’t necessary.

It has a wing-type leg lock sliding-type center column. This extremely sturdy tripod is highly capable to fulfill your requirements. Besides, this kit has a rugged corrosion-resistant finish which keeps you worry-free for the tension of damage and long-lasting. This full-sized tripod is really a heavy-duty tripod worth of money and that’s why it’s the best tripod for spotting scope! No matter how extreme the service you need, this Bushnell 784030 is the unit that is highly able to fill all of your requirements.

Padded foam leg cushion for better support.Legs are not quick release (not suitable for birdwatching.
Stand-up viewing capability.
A large & universal mounting platform.
Rugged and corrosion-resistant finish.
Extremely sturdy and heavy-duty tripod.

4. Basics 60-Inch Tripod.

The Amazon Basics 60-Inch is a portable and lightweight spotting scope tripod from Amazon. You may know, Amazon is a well known and reputed brand and Amazon produces a lot of excellent and amazing products. The Amazon Basics 60-inch isn’t different too. It’s an excellent and well-reviewed tripod.

The lightweight Amazon Basics 60-inch is just 3 lbs in weight and able to carry a load of 3 kg (6.6 lbs). You may load a little bit more but this is the recommended maximum load capacity for the optimal performance.

The tripod has 3 adjustable and aluminum-based legs with rubber feet so that you can mount the tripod in most of the surfaces easily and effectively for getting the best support for your spotting. You can extend the legs from 20 degrees to 48 degrees to make the perfect setup.

The tripod is compatible with most of the digital cameras, video cameras, smartphones, scopes, still cameras and GoPro devices. You get the maximum height of 60 inches when the tripod is extended. And the folded height is 25 inches.

The tripod also has some innovative features that are highly appreciable like the quick-release mounting plate. This feature helps you to ensure fast and better transitions between 2 different shots. The 3-way head and the built-in bubble view level are for swivel motion, in landscape or portrait options. On the other hand, the setup of the tripod is quite simple, quick and easy. And the leg locks of the tripod release the tripod smoothly and help to glide easily to the desired height. You can achieve your desired setup effectively with this Amazon Basics 60-inch tripod.

Included zippered carrying bag.Not able to hold a good load.
Compatible with most of the cameras and scopes.
Built-in two bubble view levels.
Quick-release mounting plate for fast transition.
Adjustable legs with rubber feet for better support.

5. Celestron 82050 TrailSeker Tripod.

The Celestron TrailSeker 82050 is one of the best hunting tripods for spotting scope which is highly compatible with spotting scopes, cameras, small telescope, and binoculars.

The weight of the tripod is just 4 pounds that makes the kit lightweight and highly portable, though it’s a little bit larger than other models when folded. The tripod allows you to get 18.9 inches to 58 inches of working height with a two-way fluid pan head along with the quick release plate. Besides, you can extend the center column to get 70.5 inches of height when you need extra height.

The kit has 3 aluminum legs and each leg has four sections. That’s why you can set the legs into three different angles. Additionally, it offers easy flip lever locks that let you adjust the length real quickly and easily. On the other hand, you can add a retractable hook in order to get more weight for more stability in case extra stability is needed. The shoulder strap is another good addition to the tripod.

The Celestron TrailSeeker is designed specially to be the perfect tripod for you. This compact and lightweight tripod are able to hold almost 9 lbs of equipment pieces which made the tripod one of the best professional spotting tripods. In addition, there are padded wrapping in two of its legs so that you get extra comfort in your shoulder when you carry it. And the rubber feet avoid the sliding risk on wet or slick surfaces.

3 different angle adjustments for each leg.The head size is not large enough for a bigger spotting scope.
Padded leg wrapping for better comfort during carrying.
Additional retractable hook for more stability.
Simple and easy lever locks.
2-way fluid pan head for quick release features.

More Spotting Scope Tripod reviews.

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6. Neewer Carbon Fiber 66-Inch Tripod.

The Neewer Carbon fiber 66-inch version tripod is the best spotting scope tripod for the money because of its extreme features and ability. This is a 2-in-1 tripod that can be used both as tripod and monopod.

The base material of this kit is carbon fiber which is a lightweight but heavy-duty material. The carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials so you don’t need to worry about loading capacity and performance. You can simply load up to 26.5 pounds of equipment pieces on it where it’s just 4.67 pounds in weight, really!

Additionally, the carbon fiber tube (which has 8 different angle layers of carbon fiber staggered laminated. This new generation material is highly workable at extremely high or low temperatures and provides a polymeric structure of high-pressure strengthening.

This monopod-tripod comes with an elegant carrying bag, so you can easily carry it with you everywhere. The 360-degree ball head allows you to get convenient support from the kit. This universal ball head offers you to adjust the angles quickly and freely with 2 adjustment locks to ensure your perfect photography. And the quick-release leg locking system provides you better and convenient leg handling.

You will enjoy 17.7 inches (minimum) and 63 inches (maximum) height with this monopod-tripod. Besides, the kit is eligible to present a panoramic view swivel ball head and bubble level. This can be really a clever choice for you.

It can be used as a monopod or tripod.The plastic components don’t have a good finish.
Able to hold a massive weight.The feet of the tripod is not of high quality.
Made with heavy-duty carbon fiber.
Swivel ball of 360-degree dial facility.
Comes with a carrying bag for easier carrying.

7. Vanguard VS-82 Tabletop Tripod.

The Vanguard VS-82 is a tabletop tripod that is highly able to serve you the best indoor. This unit is considered as the best tabletop tripod for spotting scope because of its extreme performance. For indoor photography, only a few tabletop tripods can beat this unit!

You’ll get 9 7/8 inches extended and 9 inches folded height with this tripod. And as this kit is pretty small and made for indoor service, it’s just 13.8 ounces in weight; too lightweight, isn’t it?

The kit is made with aluminum and able to hold the load of up to 5.5 pounds. So you can basically mount almost all cameras and scope with this tripod. And the rubber feet of the tripod’s legs allow it to be placed stably. Besides, the 2-way pan head of this tripod is another good addition. Because of these features, it becomes one of the best spotting scope tripods for shooting.

You can get this unit for both your personal and professional uses. You’ll find this unit in many professional photo studios. This is one of the best choices for portrait mode photography. You’ll get the advantages of this unit if you pick on. And surely, if you do, you’ll then realize how a simple tripod can increase the quality of a photo.

2-way pan head ability.The ball head feels very solid but not much durable.
Rubber feet for more stability.Stability is so great beyond 60x magnification.
Small, highly portable and heavy-duty tabletop tripod.
Compact and perfect hiking and photography tripod.

8. ESSLNB Waterproof Spotting Scope Tripod.

The ESSLNB waterproof 25-75×70 mm spotting scope tripod is the best tripod for spotting scope birding.

The tripod has a spotting scope that has a 70 mm wide viewing angle. The straight spotting scope of this tripod can find the moving objects quickly with the 40.2-19.2 meters/ 1000 meters field view of the objective lens. Additionally, the scope has a tightening wheel that is for providing your comfort viewing angles.

The lens of the tripod’s scope is fully multi-coated and has “Porro” prism in order to provide the clearer and brighter images even in the low light condition and besides, it increases the light transmission. The awesome 25X- 75X zoom magnification of the scope is really appreciable and the eyecup of the scope can be folded in order to provide comfort to your eyes. This tripod and scope can be your companion travel tool for bird watching, hiking, shooting, hunting, wildlife landscape, traveling, camping, etc.

This is a highly durable and waterproof tripod scope along with fog proof protection. The protection prevents damages due to moisture and dust. And the high-quality rubber armor of the legs provides a non-slip grip for better stability. Additionally, it prevents shock and provides external protection.

The convenient usage and comfortable viewing features have made the tripod scope more excellent. A universal phone adapter and a carrying bag are included with the unit so you can easily carry the unit with you wherever you need. Basically, this unit is made for smartphones so you may face trouble with general cameras.

Durable and waterproof spotting scope tripod.Not compatible with most of the cameras expect smartphones.
70 mm wide view range.
Included phone case and adapter.
Adjustable 25X- 75X magnification zoom.
High-quality rubber armor for a non-slip grip.

9. Swarovski Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod.

The Swarovski carbon fiber travel tripod is one of the most elegant and excellent tripods from Swarovski. It is considered as the best Swarovski spotting scope tripod ever. This tripod is made with a heavy-duty carbon fiber material that makes the unit lightweight but strong enough. The weight of this unit is 7.5 pounds but it is able to hold a great load. You get 19.7 inches (folded) and 66.9 inches (extended) working height with this lightweight tripod. Because of the lightweight, it becomes the best travel spotting tripod.

There is a fiber-reinforced synthetic component in order to ensure better and strong stability. The 3 legs of the tripod can be adjusted into different angles individually for stable support when you need to set it up on uneven ground or hills. The quick-release ergonomic fastening feature is another great addition to the tripod so that you can speed up your shooting capability. Besides, there are rugged and soft neoprene shoulder pad for providing comfort to your shoulder when you carry the tripod from one place to another.

The Swarovski carbon fiber travel tripod comes with an integrated head so you will find this tripod highly user-friendly. No matter why you use the tripod, this tripod is highly able to fulfill all of your requirements and we’re pretty sure that you’ll find this tripod very useful. In a word, we can say that this tripod can be your perfect companion during your outdoor activities.

Made with strong carbon fiber material.The legs should have rubber feet for better stability.
Lightweight but able to hold a great load.
The legs can be adjusted individually for better stability.
Fiber-reinforced synthetic components.
Heavy-duty spotting tripod & compatible with most of the optical devices.

10. Trendyest Universal Tripod.

The Trendyest Universal tripod stand is a pretty good spotting scope tripod which is compatible with most of the DSLR cameras, camcorders, Nikon and Canon cameras, digital cameras, scopes, and smartphones.

This is one of the best Nikon/ Canon spotting scope tripods. This tripod is best for both still and motion photography. This highly stable tripod prevents the cameras from movement in order to ensure the best support for still pictures. Besides, the tripod is also compatible with handheld optics (binoculars), small to medium telescopes and similar applications.

This universal camera mounting tripod has ¼ camera attaching screw that allows all the cameras to be attached with. And the additional lock prevents the cameras from rotation which provides a fast loading plate. The quick lever lock and the spirit level ensure the accuracy of your shooting. On the other hand, the feet locking catches and the height locking features are good for stability. But there is a little problem. For the feet locking catches, you can easily set up the tripod on flat surfaces, but you may face trouble when you need to set the unit on the uneven ground. But this is not a big deal unless you travel on the hills mostly.

This tripod is made with an aluminum alloy so it’s light enough. You’ll get 42.5 inches (extended) and 370 mm (folded) working height with the tripod and get 4 sections of adjustable locking legs. It comes with an included bag so you can easily carry it everywhere with you. Actually, it can be a perfect choice for you.

Lightweight and universal camera attaching the screw.Legs can’t be adjusted individually which makes you wired when you’re on uneven ground.
Quick lever lock and feet locking catches.
Made with aluminum alloy.
4 sections of adjustable leg locking feature.
Adjustable height locking ability.

6 factors to consider before buying a spotting scope tripod.

1. Use

The use of the tripod will impact your buying decision considerably. If you intend to use the tripod for bird watching, then you need a tripod with the quick-release leg.

The most important thing to ask is whether you are going to use it from a standing position or sitting position.

For the standing position, a heavier unit would be suitable. On the other hand, if you want to use it when sitting, a lightweight and short unit would be perfect.

2. Portability

Spotting scope tripods should be compact enough, so you can carry them easily. At the same time, they have a solid base and enough load-bearing capacity to support your scope.

3. Stability

Stability is one of the first things that you should look into when buying tripods. But you need to be realistic about your purchase. High magnification in excess of 60x might still give you some shakiness. You might need to increase your budget more for better stability.

4. The material of construction: Aluminum vs. Carbon fiber

If you have a high budget, it’s always good to go for a carbon fiber spotting tripod. These tripods are more lightweight and will offer better stability.

But if you are low on the budget, an aluminum tripod will work fine. The downside is that it’s a bit on the heavier side and prone to damage from weather conditions.

5. Rotation of the Panhead

You can either go for a two-way Panhead or a three-way Panhead. The two-way Panhead will be sufficient for bird watching and other activities. The two-way rotation includes up and down & left and right motion of the head.

But if you want something complete that you can use for videography also, then go for the three-way head. The only addition is the rolling motion.

6. Legs

Carbon fiber legs are the best. They are lightweight and solid at the same time. But some inexpensive tripods will have very thin aluminum legs. These are generally not much effective for large spotting scopes. Look aluminum legs that are thick and have a higher load-bearing capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Can I adjust the legs of the tripod individually?

Answer: In most tripods, yes. The previous tripods didn’t offer an individual leg adjustment, but nowadays, most of the modern tripods have that feature.

  1. Does a tripod require a battery?

Answer: No, the tripods don’t require batteries.

  1. Is the spotting scope included with the tripod?

Answer: No. but still you can find some tripods which come with the included spotting scope.

  1. What kind of optical devices can be attached to a tripod?

Answer: You can attach almost all kind of devices with tripods such as DSLR cameras, smartphones, binoculars, camcorders, digital cameras, and scopes.

Final Words:

Finally, we’re in the bottom line. Well, you just got reviewed of 10 best spotting scope tripods and we hope we’re able to help you out. Look, we don’t know your requirements but we do know about the tripods. That’s why we reviewed the top 10 tripods so that you can easily pick the perfect one easily which meets all of your requirements. We did do our job, now it’s your turn! Maybe, we could select a specific model for you, but believe us, this is not a good idea. The best idea is to get a suitable one according to the review and your requirements yourself.

As you read the review, you now know which one is the best to fulfill your requirements. Just choose that one, pick that up and enjoy your outdoor spotting or photography activities with the best one. Good luck!

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