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Best Tool Belt for Carpenter in 2018 | Reviews & Guide

best tool belt for carpenter

Being a carpenter, you can't use heavy briefcases or tool-boxes in this modern era. For all those professional men who have to carry tools and work at the same time can go for the available best tool belt for carpenter options.

Using the hammer to drills you need a carrier so that your work gets easier and done in the short period. A tool belt is an extension includes many pockets and barriers to adjusting your usable instruments. So, it is a smart move to own a tool pouch for your work compatibility.

Today, we have listed out the best tool belt for the carpenter for you. So, it is your time to choose the best tool belt you.

The Top 5 Best Tool Belt for Carpenters

We will help you for taking your decision to buy the best tool belt for the carpenter. We will guide you through the short description, features, pros, and cons of the best carpenter's tool belt. You will find all the details for detaching yourself from all the confusions going on your mind about picking the best tool belt.

1. DEWALT DG5650 31-Pocket Professional Carpenter's Pro-Combo Apron Tool Belt.

This model is the perfect professional tool bag for any carpenter for its extensive use and durability. Using it won't let you move from here to there for picking your hammers to tape while working. It's mean a whole set of tool bag for farmers, electrician, drywallers, carpenters, and other professionals. A user manual is given free so users don’t face any hardship to use it.

Notable Features:

Extra Pockets Capacity: This pro combo tool belt has 31 pockets which range is higher than any other tool bag. It has 11 main bigger pockets to hold everything according to your need. Else, 24 smaller pockets are much useful for carrying other instruments. It contains different sleeves and loops to hold nail sets, pencils, tools, nails, parts, etc.

Easy to Carry: It is probably large, but it has supportive style pockets subsequently they are easy to access. So, you can carry it very easily with easy work controllability.

Comfortable Access: It has 6 inches heavy-duty padded bet along with Dri-Lex liner. This tools model has double-tongue roller buckle which provides more stability with extra comfort and keeps the belt stable.

Useful Compatibility: Its organized pouch handle let you adjust belt easily. You can carry it with one hand easily and handy on-hook storage.

Security Benefits: This model has zipped securities for securing your valuable tools and keys. So, you won’t have to lose any of your nails, pins and other tiny tools.​


  • Several pockets with extra space capacity.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • ​Easy to handle.
  • It has zipped securities.


  • No problems.

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274 Construction Work Apron, 12 Pocket

This model of tools bag looks so classic with the lavish black and golden designed pattern. You can have everything on you while working with this 12-pocket construction work apron. It has roller buckle attached with custom leathercraft. It also has 16 smaller fit pliers pockets along with 4 main nail pockets.

To hold tape, it has a pocket in the center. In this model of carpenter tool belt top grain leather, 2"- wide poly web belt and heavy-duty roller buckle is designed in a unique way to make it more compatible. It is adjustable in the waist from 29" to 46". It is made for rough use on construction site.

Notable Features:

Lite Weighted: It is liter in weight than other carpenter tool belt so you won’t ever get any kind of pain or strain on your lower back and hips.

Carry Extra Tools: It has the extra metal hook to carry drill which is cordless. You also can carry nail guns and other useful tools.

No Risk of Spill: Its design is unique and easy to handle so you don’t have to fear of spilling tools. You can store everything flawlessly and offers perfect adjustments.

Comfortable Feeling: It has 5 wide padded belts giving you the most comfortable adjustment on the body and double tongue steel roller provides the easy fit.

Large Capacity: This tool belt is designed with extra pockets and capacity. You will feel free to use contents while moving your body in work.


  • Easy to use.
  • Gives comfortable feeling in work.
  • Swinging hammer loop.
  • Super lite weight.
  • Carry contents without the spill.


  • Short Warranty

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 6714 31 Pocket, Heavy Duty, Comfort-lift Combo Tool Belt Apron

CLC custom leathercraft has the unique system, padded with suspenders engineered to carry weight comfortably. It doesn't make the body feel the weight hence it won't generate lower back and hips strain. Easy to carry handle design gives natural adjustments and superbly storage designed for containing tools without spilling. It fits the waist size 29" to 46".

Notable Features:

Provides Comfortable Fit: It is designed in a unique way with 5 padded comfort belts. It also has double-tongue roller buckle made of steel.Added Capacity without Spill: It has new features with improved pockets with more capacity and space. There's an easy mode to carry and use contents without the spill.

Mobile Phone Holder: Most of the people buy it for its additional features of a mobile phone holder option. It has an upper part suspender for holding the mobile phone. So, it is an extra option lacking in other tool belts can drag more people for buying it.

Lite Weight: It is designed in a unique way padded with suspenders to carry weight evenly so that user won't feel the weight. In a meanwhile, users have no chance of suffering from the strain on lower back and hips.

Carry Heavier and Larger Tools: While most of the carpenter tool belt carry smaller and liter contents so this belt can be the first choice for many occasional or avid users. It can carry heavy equipment like hammer, drill, nail guns and other power tools.

This model has zipped securities for securing your valuable tools and keys. So, you won’t have to lose any of your nails, pins and other tiny tools.


  • Lite weight unique design with tongue roller buckle made of steel.
  • Has available Mobile phone suspender for holding.
  • Easily carry heavier and tools.
  • ​More pockets to carry tools without spills.
  • Includes 5 padded comfort belts.


  • It has no money back warranty.

4. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Cafe

Café color and trendy design makes it swankier, gives you a swish and confident look. There's leather, neoprene, and nylon on the whole body designed for production carpenters. It is an American brand and popular among many. It includes multiple features with maximum tool holders and pockets. It fits waist size 32" to 40".

Notable Features:

Comfortable Significance: There's a comfortable belt featuring Our Fat Lip Bag Design suitable for production carpenters. Its FatLip keeps it well-shaped, easy open to use and protect you against the scrape. You can work with it in every season as it has the allowance for seasonal changes.

Unique Design: From color to design it is unique in its shape. This tool belt offers industrial nylon bags with highlighted leather bordering reinforced bottom and corners.

Multiple Tool Holders: It has multiple toll holders so you can carry your every useful content in it. A 5020 2-in-1 tool & Hammer Holder in the back makes it more convenient to use.

Pockets Size: Can you imagine a tool pocket size of 10”? Well, its main bags are 10” deeper to hold your contents easily without any spill. This tool bag has enough spacious 24 bags for holding tools.

Measurement: Before you decide to buy this Occidental Leather 9855 tool belt model, we would like to let you know the fastener and tool bag dimensions.

Fastener bag including the Main bag: 10” w x 10” d, Outer bag: 9” x 6”, upper bag: 5” x 4.5”.

Toolbag size comprises main tool bag: 10” w x 10” d, outer bag: 6.5” x 5.5”.

  • Comfortable belt with Fat Lip Bag design.
  • Unique leather and nylon design.
  • Extra fastener and tool bag dimensions.
  • Hammer holder, 5020 2 in- 1 tool and multiple tool holder.
  • You can’t use it if your waist is under 32”.
  • Price is higher compared to others tool belt.

5. Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set – Black

Occidental Leather 9850's black color is highly recommendable for many for the classy look. Features a flat lip bag unique design with extra bag rooms. Either you're an election or other occupied you're going to be in love with its features and flexible design.

It is worth for giving a closer look to at if you haven't used it yet. We really understand what you electrician have to go when working with multiple tools. You can carry you all tools in it and work fluently without any hassle.

People who have used it once has high acclaim to others for using this belt tool bag. It is an American reputed highly trustable brand. It is adjustable for waist size 32" to 41".

Notable Features:

Design: Its dark black color furnished with occidental leather gives a sleek look.

Pockets: It has 24 pockets with enough space for holding all the useful tools and main bags are 10” deep covering a full leather boot.

Materials: Materials are neoprene, commercial nylon and full leather boot added with unique leather FatLip bag mouth.

Lite Weight: Carrying loads of tools will be much easier with this model as it dominates the weight of your contents. So, there will be no fear of getting lower back or hips pain.

Maximum Tool Holding Coverage: Sufficient space for holding maximum tools, open mouth gives easy access to work. It keeps your tools safe from falling down and tearing.


  • Extra space.
  • Unique design.
  • Protects tools from spills.
  • Good customer ratings.
  • Reputed brand value.


  • Price is higher.
  • You can get more pockets in another belt.

How to Choose the Best Tool Belt for Carpenter?

Before you buy the tool belt, you have to decide which one is appropriate for you. Most of the buyer find difficulties to find the best product following specifications and features. So, here we are describing the guidance to choose the best tool belt for the carpenter.


When you’re buying a tool belt make sure it has available pockets and spaces to hold your necessary tools like hammer, drill, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, tape, torpedo level, wooden folding ruler, nail sets, scribes, carpenter pencils and other things.

If it has many utility pockets then it is more useful for your work. Make sure tools are adjustable in the pockets and there is available space in pockets with durability. So, your instruments will be fit into the bag’s pocket.

Materials & Quality

Materials define the lasting stage of any kind of product. So, when you are looking for the best carpenter's tool belt, you need to focus on the materials. Because the longevity matters when you are spending 50$ to 300$ to buy a carpenter gear for you.

You can look for the leather, canvas and nylon ingredients in your electrician tool bag. But, leather is always popular and most of the users are fond of it. The belt must be flexible and durable in its components. If the tool bag has zipper than don't forget to check if the zipper is supple or not.

Actually, if the zipper is not good flexible then you will have to face hassle while taking out or in your tools. Because you may never want any annoyance while working.

A perfect stitching, layers, and rivets are also needed to be looking for the maximum longevity.


If you’re someone who works with more than 8 hours a day wearing tool belt then you must not choose a heavy one. Consistently working with a heavy bag on your back or waist can trouble you with chronic back pain or bone deficiency.

So, take a weight comparison test before buying the best carpenters tool belt. Check out how much the tool belt weighed down with and without utensils.

If you found it balanced to carry the whole day long then you can go for the tool belt as your comfortability is your first priority.

Price & Manufacture

There are many price ranges of best tool belt for carpenter are available. You can’t think the best one will have the most of the features and durability.

Most expensive tools are can be fancier but not the finest. We all know trusted brand companies offer higher cost for their products where new companies offer high-quality products at lowest cost. So, it depends on your disposition what you want.

It’s not that you should go for the cheapest one, you can do some research on your own and compare the products’ compatibility and pick the excellent tools belt for you.

Customer Reviews

We love to buy things after people have already bought and used the products. Because we feel safe to buy products after someone has reviewed. We really can rely on customer reviews before buying products for ourselves.

So, choosing the best carpenters tool belt will be easier if you check the trusted review sites and what the customers have reviewed. You can also check out the manufacturer sites’ reviews for example if the products are from Amazon then you must check Amazon reviews.

So, you will get millions of true reviews from the buyers there and you can trust those reviews blindly.


Being an electrician, you have to climb higher for many work purposes. So, the tools belt must have to safer for using because nothing comes before the safety. So, the best choice will be picking the one which will provide you the safety preventing the risk of an accident.


Only you know what your requirements are and needs. So, choosing the best tool belt for carpenter depends on what kind of flexibility and durability you want. Going for the quality brand is a smart choice as a carpenter, electrician, and farmers to boost work efficiency.

A best carpenters tool belt will give you a peace of mind at work, relaxation while you won't have to move again and again for using tools and a lite feel. So, go through the features of our listing and you'll be able to match specification with your expectations.

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