Best Wheel Spacers Reviews | Buyer’s Guide


Best Wheel Spacers Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Best Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are sometimes very important to install on your cars or trucks. They might look fancy and gorgeous when you’re running your vehicle on a highway. Before we talk about the best wheel spacers, we want to clear the fact why they are so important to be installed on your vehicles.

Some people have higher level confusion about the benefits of wheel spacers while some others are highly passionate about wheel spacers to install on their cars.

Wheel spacers are generally used to increase the distance between the wheel
and hub assembly. They allow larger tires to be mounted on a vehicle leading a
great performance and appearance.

In addition, when a wheel is mounted from the hub assembly, it creates better grip and traction. So, picking out the right cum best quality wheel spacers can offer you a more interesting look with a better performance.

Best Wheel Spacers Reviews.

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1. ECCP Wheel Spacers.

This spacer fulfills many vehicle owners’ expectations. You might not have used any spacer yet but this model can change your mind for its features. 240+16+9.Before you get the details you must match the compatibility with your vehicle.

Special Features:

Body Fitments.

This model has 06-12 jeep liberty, jeep wrangle is 87-06, jeep Comanche is
86-92, jeep grand Cherokee is 93-98. So, check if the fitments match with your
vehicle compatibility.

Safety Extension.

It is built from T 6 billet aluminum, with heat-treated technology and
installed grade bolts are 10.9. Its anodized surface allows some extra
resistance to corrosion. Its materials are stronger and lightweight than other
steel spacers.

Added Benefits.

It is designed to move the wheels more from the hub. This model is preferable
for allowing a more aggressive stance and better handling appearances. The end
result is more tire clearance and can install high traction tires.


Its thickness is much appropriate for most of the wheels attached. Actually,
it has an ideal measurement. It is 50mm that means 20-inch, bolt pattern is
5×114.3 (5×4.5), stud/nut thread pitch is 1/2″ and hub bore size is

Spacer Quantity.

It has 4 pcs of wheel spacers that means a full set for your 4 wheels. So,
you’re getting a whole pack whereas some manufacturer doesn’t offer full set.

Pros Cons
Cheap and fun radios. Sometimes a few products might come with physical defects. Return if you get such a product.
Good fitments.
4 pcs wheel spacer.
Made from T 6 billet aluminum.
Strong and lightweight.

2.  Rugged Ridge Black Anodized Wheel Spacer Pair.

The most fashionable design and black color give it a fancy look. It will
allow you to install larger tires on your wheel. If you want your vehicle to
load heavier loads then this spacer is very much ideal for you. It will fit on
your hub perfectly and gives the perfect allowance between hub and wheel hub.

You need to install this spacer by a professional or trained person so that
the lug nuts get twisting to manufacturer specifications.

Special Features:

Body Fitments

While other spacers are silver or gold in color, it is perfect for those who
love black. Its black color gives it a unique look. It is extra thick so you
need to be very careful about the bub measurement before you buy it.

As we said it is extra thick so it won’t be fit on some wheels which have
thinners allowance. You will get 6061T6 aluminum material in this space and it
is available in the pair.

These are best for users who want subtle differences and not too much aggressive

Sturdy Hardware

This hardware is made of grade-8 extra strength hardware. Grade-8 is
stronger than the, as usual, grade 5. It is stronger because it has a durable
strength of 150,000 pounds per square inch. Alloy steel is the main component
of it and has 6 radial lines on the top of the bolt head.

Weather Resistant

It has better weather resistance. So, you won’t have to worry about the
cold, snow, rain, heat and other.

Installations Time

It takes 1 hour to get installed on your wheels. So, you don’t have to spend
a bunch of time after it.

Pros Cons
It is weather resistant. It is available in the pair so you have to buy 2 pairs if you want to install the spacer on your 4 wheels.
Stronger than other spacers.
5-year warranty.
Subtle aggressive look

3. Goplus 4PC Wheel Spacer.

If your vehicle has an issue with hitting your shocks or brake calipers then
this Goplus 4PC model is the must pick out for you. It has 6 nuts to get
adjusted with the wheel. You can check if this model is compatible with your
car model.

Special Features:

Fix Clearance Issue

The more clearance gives you better performance. This spacer model offers
the best to fix the clearance issue if there is any hitting shocks or brake
calipers issue.

Improve Stability

It is designed to improve vehicle stability so you will get better
performance with cooler appearance. This spacer makes your vehicle aggressive
with a better look.

Prevent Rubbing

Sometimes, tires keep rubbing with hub and create fraction which can damage
the tire and hamper the performance of the vehicle. This spacer will proudly help
you from rubbing and make enough space to mount a larger wheel or tire. It has
a unique design to move your wheels further out from the web.

Easy To Install

It comes with everything so that you can install it for yourself. This spacer model has Silverado, Cadillac, and GMC.


It has 4×2” Chevy 6×5.5 wheel spacers adapters.

Sturdy and lightweight

These wheel spacers are made from aluminum alloy and have an anodized
surface. So, these spacers are more corrosion resistant and lightweight than
other steel spacers.

Pros Cons
Fix clearance issue. No clear instructions provided for installation.
Easy to install.

4. YITAMOTOR Hubcentric Wheel Spacers.

This spacer has more features than other spacers. It provides more
durability and fitment. It is black in color and has bolts of silver color.
This color combination gives it a unique and gorgeous look. If you are someone
who wants to have a balance between both the look and benefits, then this is
for you.

Before we talk about specification we must tell you to double-check your
vehicle’s compatibility.

Special Features:


We will talk about the depth of its measurement. It is appropriate in
fitments and measurements.

  • It is 1.5” thick with Hubcentric spacers for 2007-2008 Jeep
    Wrangler JK 4Wd and has unlimited Wrangler JK 4Wd
  • Its 1.5″ thick Hubcentric spacers go with 2007-2010 Jeep
    Wrangler JK 2wd.
  • This spacer’s 1.5” thick Hubcentric spacers are available for
    1999-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ WK (2wd&4wd) and 2006-2010 Jeep
    Commander XK (2wd&4wd).


Its design is Hub-centric and there’s collar in the center which offers the
spacer functionality as the precise extension of the axle hub. It has the exact
fitment and uses minimal production tolerances and gives exceptional and better
wheel balance.


This spacer has been the machine designed from 6061-T6 aircraft graded
aluminum billet. It is heat resistant and 10.9-grade bolts are pre-installed.
Its bolts are stronger and durable with the anodized surface that provides
additional resistance to corrosion.


It has multiple benefits ensuring you a more aggressive stance. You can get
all the benefits in one spacer with the improvement of handling and stability
performance. It also increases the tire clearance so you will get better speed.
If your tire has any brake caliper clearance issue you will get the relief
after installing this spacer.

Pros Cons
Available fitments. The area around the stud holes is very thin.
Great material quality.
Warranty and customer satisfaction service.
Multiple benefits.
Aggressive appearance.

What are the wheel spacers?

Wheels spacers are aftermarket car
accessories made from aluminum alloy. Spacers are attached between the hub and
the rim to push the wheels out.

People often attach wheel spacers for giving their cars a more aggressive profile. And some people also love bigger wheels and wheel spacer is the only thing that can accomplish this.

Why people buy wheel spacers?

I found that people buy wheel spacers for 4 reasons only:

Aggressive wheel appearance.

Aggressive or not, wheel spacers can totally change the look and feel of your wheels. There are lots of wheel spacers available in the market and I’m sure at least a few of them can complement to your existing wheels.

Enhances performance.

Wheel spacers bring the wheels out front. So, you can install bigger wheels. And with bigger wheels, your handling will become easy and also help in cornering.

Wheels spacers also make the wheels stable and allow you to drive in more difficult terrains. So, you can take those fast turns.

It helps to fit rims.

Sometimes when you get rims for your
car, it might not fit perfectly. In that case, you can buy a wheel spacer and
it will improve the incorrect offset.

Reason#1- Wheel spacers make it easy to install customer tire and wheels.

Reason#2- Enhances car handling and distributes weight
evenly on all the wheels.

Reason#3- Some people just buy spacers to change the look
of their vehicles.

Reason #4- Enables to fit new rims.

Risks of using wheel spacers.

Apart from many benefits of wheel spacers like correcting the wheel offset
and appearance enhancement, there are few disadvantages of using them.

  • Wheel spacers create a hindrance between the ball bearing and the wheel. That’s the reason the wheel bearing might break and you can see your wheel flying off.
  • When you install wheel spacers, you will need to exert more pressure on the steering while turning.
  • Incorrect installation of these car accessories can result in accidents. So, if you don’t have much of the DIY skills needed for the installation, head straight to a professional.

Wheel spacer Buying guide.

Choose Spacer Thickness Wisely.

You just need to make sure there is enough space between tires and wheel
spacers otherwise they might interrupt with each other creating fractions. You
have to measure the distance between the top, outer edge of the tire to the
inner edge of the fender.

It is highly recommended to keep a distance of a minimum of 5-10 mm between the tire and the body. It will prevent any kind of mishap.

As we can drag longer describing how you can choose the best wheel
but the best thing is to follow your recommendations and need.
That’s all! The confusion is gone!

Type of wheel mounting

When buying wheel spacers, the first thing to consider is the
type of wheel mounting your car has.

You can choose between a hub-centric or a lug-centric wheel mounting.

But the hub centric
mounting is the best because the hub supports the weight of the wheels.

In the hub centric wheel, the wheel hub and the center wheel hub
has no gaps. So, it’s
safer than the lug centric mounting.

In the case of lug centric wheels, there is a little gap and most of the wheel’s weight
is supported by the lug nuts.

So, depending on this, your purchase will vary.

Easy installation process.

Most wheel spacers are very easy to install. It shouldn’t take sophisticated
DIY skills. Look for a wheel spacer with easy installation functions.


One of the most important advantages of wheel spacers is that it can enhance
the appearance of your vehicle. Most people want their vehicle to look
aggressive and that’s the reason they buy wheel spacers. So, a thick or thin
wheel spacer will determine the look for your wheels.

How Many Bolts/Nuts Do You Need for Per Wheel?

It’s another check you’ve to do yourself. Check out how many bolts/ nuts/
studs are being used to hold each wheel in its place. Normally, the numbers
will be 4 or 5 bolts but there are some cars only need 3 bolts while some other
4×4 which use 6 bolts per wheel.

Check Thread Pitch.

You can measure thread pitch by calculating measurement in the distance of
millimeters between 10 threads. Then divide the number by 10 e.g. if the
distance is 12mm the thread pitch will be 1.2mm (i.e. 12 ÷ 10). Most of the
bolts have the same kind of pitch either 1.25mm or 1.5mm.

Bolt Pattern / Pitch Circle Diameter.

PCD is the short abbreviation of pitch circle diameter. It is the
measurement of the diameter which mirrors an invisible circle drawn from all of
the wheel bolts. So, you need to know the exact PCD measuring.

For example, 4 stud hubs mean measuring the PCD of 4 or 6 stud wheel hubs in
a straightforward way. You just need to measure the distance from one side of
the hole to another side.

Measure Centre Bore Diameter.

This center bore diameter measurement means the center hole diameter of a
wheel that fits over the hub lip measured by millimeters. So, the hub lip must
be accurate in the measurement to fit on the wheel hub.

If the spacer’s center bore is smaller than the spacer wheel, they won’t be adjustable. The hub lip’s thickness must be 2mm less than the spacers. E.g. if the spacer thickness is 18 mm then the spacer’s will have a 16mm recess.

Wheel Spacer FAQ.

1. How safe is a wheel

A wheel spacer is as safe as a wheel
without the spacer. It all depends on the installation process and whether or
not the spacer is compatible with your car wheels.

In many cases, people think that their wheel stud is bent because of the spacer. But that’s not true. Lug nuts that are improperly torqued are the main reason behind bent wheel stud.

2. Does wheel spacer impact alignment?

Wheel spacers don’t affect alignment
directly. It’s the quality of spacer that affects alignment.

Most people avoid buying wheel spacers
because they know very little about wheels.

Two things impact alignment:

  • If you cut corners too much.
  • Cheap wheel spacers.

So, if you avoid both of these, you are
good to drive.

3. How often do you need
to re-torque your wheel spacers?

Generally, you will need to re-torque
your wheel spacer after every 60-80 miles of driving.

If you decide not to re-torque at this point, you might experience vibrations. But if you get a high-quality wheel spacer, you should be able to drive between 100-200 miles without any issues.

4. Are my wheel spacers
causing vibration?

Wheels spacers don’t directly cause
vibration. But it can amplify a pre-existing problem of your wheels.

So, if your wheels are imbalanced,
spacers can increase the effect further.

Also, if the installation was done
wrong, the spacers can cause vibration. You need to check whether the spacer is
correctly attached to the hubs. 


Wheel spacer has many benefits if you can choose the right one. It is not
hard at all to choose. A good spacer will prevent the wheels running from
running into your brake calipers. It also disallows other vital components
getting the fraction with the wheel hub.

So, the spacer will give you relief from any damages that may occur without
a spacer. But, choosing the wheel spacer will confirm all the benefits without
any damage. Make sure you are giving attention to the performance, better
traction capability, appearance, warranty, easy to install, control on the
corners and secure wheel fitting.

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