Ceiling Fans Provide Air Circulation

Where There's a Ceiling Light, There Can Also be a Fan

Ceiling Fans Provide Air Circulation

Room a little stuffy, but you really don't need air conditioning? Just a little (or a lot) more air movement will suffice? Or need to better distribute the heat trapped to the ceiling on those cold winter nights?

Here's an alternative ceiling fixture that, not only provides great air circulation winter or summer, but adds wonderful ambiance to a room.

Ceiling fans are a terrific way to circulate air in a room, whether you need to cool it down, or heat it up.And, while still providing lighting, they can greatly enhance the room's decor. They are comparably priced to ceiling light fixtures, with a wide range of prices and designs, everything from country to contemporary. Installation is as simple as changing a light fixture. 

Here are some considerations:

  • There are ceiling 'huggers' and 'drop' fans, with drop extensions also available for areas with higher than average ceilings. Consider where it is going, and if there is enough height to allow a drop fixture, without bumping your head on it. If so, how much drop.
  • Light globes and the direction of those light fixtures that are attached to the fans differ considerably. How much lighting do you need in that area - mood or task lighting? A drop down globe can provide more lighting, than those that direct light to the ceiling.
  • Size of blades is extremely important. "How faraway a space can the whole fan cover? Measure distances between adjoining walls to ensure adequate space. Blade lengths vary, and they will protrude from every side. Fan packaging will usually denote blade lengths.
  • You can add a pull chain for ease of controlling operation, or have it electrically wired.
  • Sealed fan units are even available for covered patios and porches.
  • Not all globes will take the new small compact florescent low energy bulbs; ensure bulb availability.
  • Fans are a great way of complimenting your heating appliances, by pulling the heat up the stairs in an entrance, or returning hot air from the ceiling, back to the room.
  • Ensure warranty details, and installation instructions and screws, are included in the box.
  • These products should comply with your area safety standards.

Bottom Lines

Using a ceiling fan instead of turning up the air conditioner or heat, can actually save you money in energy. Enhancing your decor is just an added bonus.

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