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How to Clean Timberland Boots | Step By Step Guides.

Be with us and read the steps of cleaning the Timberland boots carefully so that you get the proper instructions on how to clean Timberland boots and memorize the steps for further application.

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Step 01- Cleaning the Small Spots:

1. Take a soft brush and remove all the small debris from the surfaces of the boots. This is the first session of cleaning any Timberland boot. Just start from the top of the ankle of the boot and go all way down slowly of the boot surface. If you notice a small amount of debris on the surface of the boot, then a soft and light brushing will remove them. On the other hand, when you have a lot of debris on the surface of the boot, try a deep brushing and remove as much debris as you can. You can clean the boots with any soft brush. However, the Timberland Company also produces a cleaning tool for Timberland boots. The kit is specially made for Nubuck or Suede and the brush is soft and highly able to do the work perfectly. You can find the kit set as “Suede Brush”.

2. After cleaning the debris, it’s time to remove any scuff marks if they appear on the surface of the boots. You can easily remove it off with a simple pencil eraser. You may also use the Timberland cleaning bar of a generic suede eraser. To remove the scuff marks, just rub the area of the boot with the eraser of Timberland cleaning bar lightly until the marks disappear. This is a very common and easy process. And please remember, the cleaning bar is only for cleaning the scuff marks. DO NOT try to clean the dirt or mud that covers the boots day today.

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3. When you finish rubbing the surface of the boot with eraser or cleaning bar, take the brush again and brush up over the surface of the boot. This process will remove the eraser debris if they remain on the surface. Move the brush in a single direction to ensure that the surface of the boot gets a uniform look.

4. Not only a cleaning after the boots get dirt isn’t enough well, but also you should maintain a regular weekly basis cleaning procedure. The dirt covers the boots day today, so if you clean the boots once per week, it won’t let the dirt-covered up and your boots will remain fresh and new for a long time.

Step 02- Making a Deep Cleaning:

1. For making a deep cleaning of your boots, you first need the cleaning tools. Get Nubuck cleaning and sealing products for the job by making sure that the products match your boots. The products are designed for different fabrics of the boot. So get that one which is suitable for the fabric of your boots. The traditional Timberland boots are made of Nubuck where the modern Timberland boots are made of leather and suede. But don’t worry; the Nubuck and suede boots can be cleaned typically with the same boot cleaner. Just make sure that the products can clean the usual yellow Timberland boots. And if you’re still unsure about the products, take help from the local shoe repair shop. Ask them about suitable products for your boots.

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2. When you get the cleaning products, take the boots and remove the shoe-laces. If your shoe-laces are clean then put them aside. But if they seem not clean, then wash them by hands with soap and water and let them dry completely. Using warm water is more effective. You can also wash them in the washing machine. But it’s better to wash them separately if they’re really dirty.

3. Now take a soft-bristle brush and brush off both boots to remove the loose dirt particles. Remember, don’t push heavily, it may make a scratch on the surface of the boot. Use a light motion. Remove as much as the debris as you can. This will minimize the scrubbing amount you need to do later. DO NOT forget about the bottom of your boots. The soles of the boots may contain a lot of dirt and gravel so clean those off otherwise the house will be dirty. And you should use a brush instead of a towel as because the brush can reach into the crannies and the nooks of your boots easily.

4. While cleaning, you should focus on the shape intact of the boots. So keep one of your hands inside the boot and place it under the area that you’re going to clean. This will create an opposite pressure against the cleaning area which keeps collapsing.

5. The soles of the boots are also be cleaned out. Rinse of the soles from your Timberland boots and wash those with mild dish soap and toothbrush. Use warm water and scrub the sloes with a toothbrush gently. When the soles are cleaned out, dry them properly before placing them into the boots otherwise the wipe soles will create bad smell inside your boots which is too annoying.

6. It’s time to start the deep cleaning process. Take the cleaning ingredients and warm water and scrub the outside area of the boot gently. Make the cleaning motion from 1 direction so that the shape of the boot remains good. Apply the scrubbing process until all the stains go off. DO NOT press the brush harder, try soft and gentle scrubbing. After finishing the scrubbing process, if you still notice some stains that weren’t removed by the scrubbing, use 400-grit sandpaper and remove them with a light and smooth scrubbing. DO NOT scrub hard. The sandpaper may make scratch badly on the boot. And stop scrubbing as soon as the stains disappear.

7. When you are satisfied with the cleaning of the boots, use a small amount of water on the surfaces of the boots and wipe out with a soft cloth in order to remove the remaining grime and the cleaner residue. Besides, apply the deep cleaning process when necessary.

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Step 03- Drying & Buffing the Boots:

1. If the shapes of your boots appear misshapen after the deep cleaning process, you need to support the shape of your boots before they dry. The toes of the boots usually get out of the shape mostly and you can fix it with paper. Just crumple up some papers and stuff them down into your boots to fix the misshapen areas of the boots. You can use any kind of paper for making support.

2. When the cleaning and supporting are done, place the boots in a safe place and let them dry naturally for 24 hours. The drying duration depends on how wet the boots got during the cleaning process. DO NOT place them near high heating temperature such as a fire. The high heat may melt the glue of the boots or destroy the leather parts of the boots. Just put them aside for natural drying.

3. Once your boots are dry, you still have work to do on the boots. The boots usually look funny after drying because the Nubuck becomes matted. To fix it, take a dry and clean brush and brush up lightly from 1 direction so that the boots get the normal look back again.

4. When you finish all the tasks, it’s better to seal the boots in order to protect the boots. Use a small amount of sealer or conditioner on the boots and wipe it out all over the surfaces of the boots.

Clean Timberland Boots with Home Remedies 

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Vinegar?

To clean the Timberland boots with vinegar, take a brush and remove the debris and stain of the surfaces of the boots and then take a cup of warm water into a bowl. Now add a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar in the water of the bowl. Mix the vinegar well with water. After that, take a soft and clean cloth and put that into the water-vinegar solution. Finally, wipe out the entire surface of your Timberland boot slowly and gently. It’ll clean off the surfaces of the boots. DO NOT use a color cloth as the color may affect the surface of the boot.

If you still have some tough stains on the boots, apply a few drops of pure vinegar on those areas and scrub gently with a toothbrush. DO NOT press hard, just scrub gently. Let the boots dry properly before wearing.

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Soap and Water?

Cleaning the Timberland boots with soap and water is quite easy and simple. This method is as same as the previously described method. First, remove the loose debris and stain with a brush. Then, take a bowl and put some warm water into it. Take a mild soap and mix it with the water until you get froth water. Now take a clean, soft and white cloth into the bowl and take it off. Slowly and gently scrub the surfaces of the Timberland boots until the dirt goes off. And for tough stains, use a clean and soft toothbrush and scrub on the area until the stains disappear. Dry the boots properly before wearing them again.

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Baking Soda?

baking soda

The baking soda has a high ability to absorb odors, grease, and stains and it’s a great way to clean your suede Timberland boots with the baking soda. This is mainly a dry cleaning method but still, you can use the baking soda with water.

For dry cleaning, apply the baking soda on the surfaces of the boots and wipe them out with a soft and clean cloth. This process will remove the odors, grease, and stains off the boot’s surface.

And if you want to clean the boots more deeply with baking soda, then mix the baking soda with a little amount of water and scrub the surfaces of the booth with the mixture and a soft and clean cloth. Scrub the boot’s surface gently and let the boots dry properly before wearing.

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How to Clean Timberland Boots with Eraser?

The eraser is mainly for removing the scuff marks of the boots. The boots get a lot of annoying scuff marks during using. And you should clear them off to get back the stylish look of your Timberland boots. To remove the scuff marks with an eraser, you have to clean up the loose debris of the boots by using a soft brush. When the debris and strains disappear, take a simple pencil eraser and scrub the area of the mark gently until the scuff marks go off. You may use a cleaning bar from Timberland for this job.

How to Clean Timberland Boots without Cleaner?

Well, we just finish the tutorial on how to clean the Timberland boots with cleaner. But you know what; you can still clean up your Timberland boots without cleaner. Though it’s better to clean up the boots with clearer as they are made for the job, still you can use some home products to clean the boots up when you don’t have the cleaner but you need to clean up your boots immediately. Let’s see some of the methods of Timberland boots cleaning without cleaner-

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Can You Clean Timberlands with Soap and Water?

Answer: Yes. You can easily clean your Timberland boots with mild soap and water.

2. How Do You Remove Stains from Timberland Boots?

Answer: You can easily remove the stains from the Timberland boots by using a soft brush. Use cleaning products, vinegar, baking soda or soapy water for tough stains.

3. How Do You Get an Oil Stain out of Timberland Boots?

Answer: To get the oil stains out of the Timberland boots, the best way is to use baking soda or cleaning products. You can also remove them by using soapy water and vinegar, but the cleaning product and baking soda work well. To remove oil stains, apply baking soda or cleaning product on the surface and wipe them out with a soft and clean cloth.

4. How Do You Get Grease out of Timberland Boots?

Answer: You can use a cleaning product or baking soda to get the grease out of the boots. Just apply the baking soda or cleaning product on the affected surface area and wipe them off with soft and clean water. The soap water and vinegar work in this case, but the baking soda and the cleaning product are better for the job.

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