Cordless Drill Buying Guide : 4 Things to Consider


Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Drill.

When it comes to models and types to choose from, they don’t come much more wide and varied than the good old Cordless Drill. Looking for the best cordless drill, therefore, can be overwhelming, but there are certain elements common to all cordless drill models, and understanding them is the best step toward choosing the right model cordless drill for you. Hope, this Cordless Drill Buying Guide can help you to choose the best one.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when buying a drill. These are:

1: The Number of Volts (power output):

The Voltage determines how powerful the drill is, with voltages starting at 7.2 volts and working their way up to 24 volts. 18volts is the most common type of drill available today as it will handle nearly all jobs (Keep in mind that the higher the voltage (, the more power), the heavier the drill will be.

2: The Type Of Battery:

There is no point giving you a history lesson here. It is 2018, and if you are not using Lithium-Ion powered batteries on your cordless drill then you are behind the times. Compared with other battery types, and relative to the power output – Lithium-Ion Batteries are lighter, smaller, hold their power for more extended and charge in half the time.

3: The Size & Weight of the Drill:

A very important but often overlooked fact, the size and weight of the drill has a huge effect on how you use it. Get a drill that is too heavy or cumbersome, and you will not be able to work for long periods. Get a drill that is too large, and you cannot get it into those hard to reach places (like under the kitchen cabinet for example). If you are looking for lightweight and relatively small drill, then you are going to have to sacrifice on overall power.

*Keep in mind that the Makita CT226 12V Combo Kit is a 12v Lithium-Ion Powered drill that only weighs 2.8lbs!

4: The Application (what you do with it):

What you intend on doing with your cordless drill is also an obviously important factor to consider when purchasing one, so to understand what Cordless Drill is going to be right for you, here is a quick look at the different types of drills and what you might use them for:

  • Cordless Drill
    Your everyday cordless drill – comes in a variety of shapes and sizes but is best used for everyday jobs around the house. Will comfortably drill into Wood, Bricks, and Mortar.
  • Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver
    The Hammer Drill or Driver Drill is a much more violent tool and is called this because it helps you to ‘drive’ or ‘hammer’ the screw into the surface. These Drills will comfortably work on all surfaces – with the hammer application being designed specifically for drilling concrete and fastening metal.

Other Features to Consider

Cordless Drills come with a variety of ‘extras’ sometimes, so check out what else is on offer because you may be pleasantly surprised with what else is included. Features that you will find in most Makita Cordless Drill Kits include:

  • A bonus flashlight and an inbuilt LED to light up the work area.
  • Ergonomic soft grips which are more comfortable for the user’s hand
  • Extra Batteries
  • Tool Belts and Clips for the Batteries and accessories
  • Some even have built-in fans to cool down the tool while you are using it.

Those are just some of the features and specifications of the Makita Cordless Drills. Remember, it all comes down to the battery and its efficiency, the torque, the size and weight, settings, features, and comfort.
You need to choose the drill depending on the type of work it will be doing. Are you going to use it on wood, on steel, or concrete? Will you be using this in your everyday job? Or is just for repairs around your house that are not going to be a regular event? Will you be utilizing it for an extended period simultaneously? Ask yourself these concerns and consider all of the above to make the most educated decision on which drill is best for you.

No matter what the answer is though, I bet Makita have a Cordless Drill that is right for you.

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