Best Eagle Air Compressor Reviews in 2019


Best Eagle Air Compressor Reviews in 2019

Eagle Air Compressor Reviews

Eagle air compressors have top-rated reviews. This is not just because of the brand name. These compressors operate silently and powerful enough for most home and outdoor use.

To narrow down the choice, we included only two of the best eagle compressors for review

All Eagle products are developed by highly trained experts and also have a quick-acting customer service team.

Let’s get started!

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Top 2 Eagle Air Compressor Reviews.

We found the Eagle TT318E-DV and Eagle P3120H1-CC air compressors to be the most effective in terms of price and functionality. Keep in mind that these are low-pressure air compressors that provide pressure <150 psi or 150 psi.

1. Eagle TT318E-DV 8-Gallon 150 PSI Max Electric Compressor.


Eagle TT318E-DV Air Compressor is a heavy-duty air compressor that can work exceptionally well with a suite of applications.

The sturdy and solid cast iron body makes it possible to use the air compressor for a longer period of time without having to worry about wear and tear.

The innovative V design of the compressor adds more durability by minimizing vibration. So, the life cycle extends further.

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Eagle Air Compressors has always strived to give its customers the best and it continues to do so even under the flagship of Wood Industries Inc.

The capacity of the twin air tanks is 8 gallons. This is quite low compared to the Eagle P3120H1-CC. However, this gives you a bit of portability and can be moved with less stress. The steel rim pneumatic tires also add to the maneuverability of this machine.

Other notable features.

  • This cast iron built air compressor offers air delivery rate of 6.0cfm @ 100psi.
  • The compressor is powered by a thermally protected 3HP 115/230v running motor.
  • The pressure switch can deliver air pressure anywhere between 95 and 125.

Eagle P3120H1-CC Pros.

  • The unit is fitted with metal air filters that allow the automatic ‘Auto Drip’.
  • The air compressor is also equipped with an outlet control regulator with quick connectors.
  • The easily accessible and convenient oil drain unit in front of the tank makes it possible to disperse oil easily.
  • This dual control air compressor allows you to easily switch at any time stop/start to continuous run and vice versa by opening or closing the valve on the pilot unloader.

Eagle P3120H1-CC Cons.

  • You need to spend some extra time on the maintenance of this unit. Otherwise, it will result in poor performances.
  • A tightly installed belt can make the motor overloaded

Final verdict

If you want a heavy-duty air compressor with tons of features to help you with your work at the garage or home, this is the one to buy. You just need to follow the procedures properly.

On the purchase of this air compressor, it is important to ensure the initial oil change takes place every 100 hours and gradually the duration can increase up to 300hours or 3months, whichever comes first.

Whenever changing oil, make sure the oil is drained out properly and therefore to ensure this function is carried out properly.

All in all the Eagle TT318E-DV can go a long way.

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Bottom Line

Eagle Air Compressors worth in the market can be gauged from the fact that they are trusted enough to manufacture high pressure breathing air systems for refilling SCUBA cylinders. They also provide products and services to divers, firefighters, and armed forces. No wonder that these air compressors are one of the best in business.

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