Energizer Flashlight Review: HardCase Tactical Bravo 2AA LED Swivel Flashlight


Energizer Flashlight Review: HardCase Tactical Bravo 2AA LED Swivel Flashlight

The energizer hard case tactical flashlight is probably the gear that I use most for my outdoor activities. But it has a wide range of use in the military, police, and camping. I tried to cover every single feature of this device to help you get a better understanding of this flashlight.

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  • Tactical placement of button for quick use.
  • Swiveling head enables tactical gripping.
  • Durable and can withstand considerable impact.
  • Multiple colored lights for tactical use.
  • Swift battery locking/unlocking mechanism.
  • Water-resistant to some extent.


  • Strobe function only for IR light.
  • White light could have been brighter.

Energizer flashlight Review and Guide

Summary analysis

The Energizer hard case tactical flashlight is a super durable and military-grade gear to have on hand. I loved the placement and functionalities of each and every component of the gear. It might not be effective as a high-power flashlight to see 20-30 meters far in the dark. But it does a great job nonetheless. It will savagely feed your gear hungry mind.

Here’s a quick review video that can help!

Material and construction

Plastic is the main material of this flashlight construction- precisely it’s advanced polymer. And it’s super durable. Drop it from a 20ft, and it will hold its shape. The green part with the brand name and buttons are all made from rubber.

The battery head might get open from a fall, but I found no harm to the overall casing.

Swiveling head enables two-way gripping

The swiveling head can be used with a tactical military-like grip (90-degrees) and a regular grip (180-degrees). The best part is it has a locking mechanism near the neck to hold the swiveling head at the position you prefer.

White light functionalities

At the center of the swiveling head, the large lens is what produces the white light. The switch for the white light is attached to the head of the battery compartment. So, when you hold the light in a tactical position, the switch is at the tip of your thumb. Super quick pressing made easy!

Tactical IR and IR strobe operation

In a regular flashlight, you have to use the white light button or rotation to get the IR function (if available). However, the energizer hard case tactical flashlight has a separate lever for quick operation of the IR. Pull it left, the light gets on. Pull it right, it’s off again.

The IR is also equipped with a strobe functionality. Just press the white light button once in the IR mode, it will start strobing.

Tactical placement of Red, Blue, Green buttons

The red, blue, and green buttons are placed in such a way that they could be operated independently of the white light. To me, it doesn’t matter much. But for those in the military or in a tactical situation, this is awesome!

Wait for more! The red light is the one that gets used most. So, it’s placed at the center.

The left button is for blue, and the right is for the green light.

This is one of the most important criteria to consider when buying tactical flashlights. And you should be glad that this one has it.

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Secure belt clip

There’s a nice belt clip attached at the back of the flashlight. But hey, this no ordinary clip.

You can find a little tab at the end of the clip. This will prevent the clip from falling from the belt.

If you don’t want the clip or want to attach it to a car mount, you can get it off by undoing the screws. Genius!

Battery compartment

You will need two AA batteries for this energizer hard case tactical flashlight. And AA batteries are always nice to have as you can replace them quickly.

The battery compartment has a self-locking mechanism. You turn the lock, open the head, and close it again, it will automatically get locked.

The best part is you can use a single battery, and the flashlight will still remain fully functional. This is great when you lose a battery or want to save one for later.

Minor issues I found

There’s no strobe function for the white light! It’s not that important to me, but it might be important to you!

The white light at its brightest setting is not quite bright if you compare it to other flashlights focused on brightness.

And this model is not waterproof. It might hold itself to water splashes or drizzles only.

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Should you buy it?

This is a cool looking flashlight with tactical features. For home users and enthusiasts, the look and design can really attract and make it more appealing. As with the case with me. I got turned on by the tactical functionalities, though I really don’t have a use for them.

If your main priority is a brightness of the white light, this is not what you want. It’s still good enough to see in the dark. And the lowest setting will make you peep at your children without waking them up!

So, overall, it’s a badass thing to have on hands!

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