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Energizer Flashlight Review: HardCase Tactical Bravo 2AA LED Swivel Flashlight

Energizer Flashlight Review

The Energizer Hard Case Swivel Head flashlight is a powerful compact light source using LED technology. It provides the brightest light I've seen from a flashlight of its size of 7", especially amazing considering it uses only 2-AA batteries. It feels very comfortable in the hand and its controls are easy to use. Unlike standard flashlights the Energizer Hard Case Swivel Head flashlight will never burn out because it uses an LED light source.


  • Part of the Hard Case® Professional® series. Also available in Headlight (head mounted) and small Inspection Light versions;
  • Energy efficient, high light output LED technology rated at 75 lumens;
  • Impact resistant ABS plastic housing withstands drops from 20 feet;
  • Stands up on base or lays on its back with a tilting light head range of 125° (provides light directly overhead to 35° down);
  • Approximately 7" long (with light head at 90°);
  • 2 level LED white light; Red / green LED low level light output; separate white/color light control buttons;
  • Water resistant rubber gasketing protects electrical components such as the battery compartment;
  • Built in belt clip;
  • Includes 2-AA batteries;


  • Small footprint but extremely high light output
  • LED light source uses little energy and runs off 2-AA batteries
  • Variable light output level selection
  • Stands up by itself with a swivel head allowing targeted light direction
  • Durable ABS plastic case withstands being dropped from up to 20 feet


  • Base cap which secures batteries can twist (loosen) when dropped and prevent light from working

Energizer Flashlight Review & Guide

 Energizer HardCase Tactical Bravo 2AA LED Swivel Flashlight


I was interested in the Energizer® Hard Case® Professional® series of LED lights because of their small size and operation on AA batteries. I was curious how they would perform and what quality of light I would see. I was not disappointed! This flashlight is outstanding and implements the best of improved LED technology which is reliable, non-polluting, impact resistant, bright, operates under a wide range of temperatures and requires low energy.

The Energizer flashlight is ergonomically well designed, flexible, easy to use and provides impressive bright white light from a flashlight operating on only 2-AA batteries.

 Energizer HardCase Tactical Bravo 2AA LED Swivel Flashlight

Red and Green LED's? Why?

A feature I found confusing was the red / green LED’s. The company states the red light is easy on the eyes when used in darkness and the green light is "ideal for pipe inspection." Who came up with that? As for the red light and its use in darkness, well, the reason I want a flashlight is so I have white light and can see!

Minor Issue

The flashlight is designed to take impact or a drop from up to 20 feet. I repeatedly dropped the flashlight from about 8 feet and it worked fine. However, from that exercise there is one issue I would like Energizer to correct. That is the design of the screw-on base that serves as a cap to the 2-AA batteries. If the base cap is turned even 10 degrees it loosens the battery connection enough for the light to stop working. I noticed this after a drop when the light did not work, but it turned out to be the base having rotated slightly. Once I tightened it up slightly the light worked fine.


In summary I think the flashlight is a great performer, reliable and attractive tool. I give it a strong thumbs up.

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