Top 6 Homak Toolbox Reviews.

Homak Toolbox Reviews

If you are a handyman or DIY enthusiast, this Homak toolbox reviews will help you find the right toolbox in a quick time.

You might already know about the quality of Homak toolboxes. But you need a final reassurance as to which model to choose from.

We researched all Homak tool chests and found these 6 to be the best.

Let’s get started!

Signature Homak toolbox features.

Homak is a reputable brand and its toolboxes are quite popular among electricians, home DIY enthusiasts, and professional construction workers.

We listed some of the USPs of homak toolboxes:

  • Extremely sturdy and durable metal body.
  • Secured padlock for protecting against theft.
  • Powder coat durable finish.
  • Maximum storage space.
  • Able to handle heavy tools.
  • Organized compartments.

Top 6 Best Homak Toolbox Reviews.

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1. Homak BK08032601 27-Inch Service Cart (Best Homak Professional Tool Box).

This side folding service cart comes very handy for tools. It weighs 8.5 lbs. and doesn’t require any battery. With a dimension of 14.2*18.2*1 inches, it can take loads up to 33 lbs. For adding some extra workspace to your rolling cabinet or as a basic tool cart, it can easily organize your small tools in a smart way.

This is not like your regular toolbox. But it’s best because it provides you a bit of portability and flexibility during long-time operation on site. 

This cute Homak professional toolbox got black powder-coat paint finish on top of its durable steel body. Considering as compact storage, it easily proves an additional work surface when mounted and can be folded down very easily when not in use. It does include a top mat.

This side folding shelf is very easy to put together. You’ll only need a screwdriver. If you are looking for a basic cabinet toolbox for some extra space with the good build quality and doesn’t cost that much, you definitely should consider this as your next toolbox purchase.

Can carry 33-pounds. It’s small in size so won’t spread much at your workplace. Rubber mats offer some average grip.
Good build quality.Drawers are a bit flimsy .
Includes Top Mat.
Adjustable to the rolling cabinet for convenient storage.
Lockable drawers.

2. Homak BW00210220 Cantilever 22Inch Steel Toolbox (Best Homak Cantilever Toolbox)

For those who are looking for industrial build quality toolbox with cantilever design, pay attention to this Homak cantilever toolbox. This cool looking toolbox has 4 individual shelves and a center storage area. It has a dimension of 22 1/8 x 10 x 12 5/8. You can store the larger tools at the bottom of the toolbox. 

It looks very pleasant when you open and can see all of your tools at once. The larger sized tools can be kept at the bottom of this cantilever shaped toolbox. You can easily carry this 22.5 pounds toolbox with you in cars, trucks, boats, and campers.

For the maximum security of your tools, it comes with padlocks with a triple locking clasp system. The durable heavy-duty 16 gauge steel core got brown wrinkle powder coated finish over it. Vinyl cushioned handles help greatly for carrying with ease.

Whether, you’re a professional, or a high school kid and need a basic toolbox to organize your tools, you can consider this fancy looking toolbox.

Oh! And keep in mind it can handle 75lbs of weight. So, measure the weight of your tools and see if this tool chest can fit them all. 

Industrial quality construction. The toolbox is not very comfortable to carry because of its heaviness.
Triple clasp Padlock. There’s no weather-proof protection, no water-proof protection as well.
Removable partitions.
Decent toolbox for carrying.
4 shelves.

3. Homak BW00200200 20Inch Industrial Steel Toolbox (Best Homak Industrial Toolbox)

Looking for a solid construction toolbox? Homak industrial toolbox may offer you all that you are looking for. For maximum durability, Homak used a high grade of steel to manufacture it. It has a dimension of 20.2 x 8.7 x 9.8 inches and weighs just 13 lbs.

Not only this toolbox has a solid build, but it also has a nice finish. It combines its high grade of steel with brown wrinkle powder-coat paint finish. So, those of you who want a good looking alongside solid build, you can consider buying this one with ease. It’s solid build quality and reasonable price is hardly beatable.

It’s always very annoying to see other people messing with your tools while you are away from home. Don’t you worry! Its pad-lockable triple-clasp system ensures that only you can get access to all your goodies. The handle has a rubber-coated plastic which comes very handy to carry this toolbox anywhere near. You’ll get a steel tool tray with it.

It can hold 50lbs of tools. It might not be too much but enough to organize essential tools in one place.

Solid industrial construction.Rubber corners need to be glued properly after purchasing. Latches are weak as well.
Padlockable with the triple-clasp system.
Includes a steel tool tray.
Easier to carry .

4. Homak BK01032101 20Inch BallBearing Toolbox/Chest (Best Homak 3 Drawer Tool Box)

Homak’s 3 drawer toolbox doesn’t disappoint when talking about the build quality. This is made of high-grade steel to ensure maximum durability. Metal ridge protects the lid hinge very well. The toolbox has a very attractive and professional look.

Its double latch system features 3 pull-out ball bearing glides on drawers. 3 ball bearing drawers do have a very smooth opening and are extendable to further easier access. Each of these drawers has its own liner. For the protection of your tools, it has two steel latches that ensure a solid lock when the lid is down.

A steel tray and security latches are given with this toolbox. It’s been powder coated with black or gloss red finish that looks great on top of its high-grade durable steel. The cushion is very handy to carry because of its weight.

If you have larger tools, you can store them in the top storage area.

Very durable.The handle is made of plastic.
Drawers are of non-slip material and roll easily. Latches are very tight that makes it hard to pull sometimes. Though the steel is not the thickest, it doesn’t scratch so easily.
Ball-bearing drawer glides.
2 color options.
It provides a very fit lock.
Made of good quality metal .

5. Homak BG02026503 27Inch SE Series 5Drawer Top Chest (Best Homak SE Series Tool Box)

If you’re looking for a toolbox for your shop or garage, the Homak SE series toolbox has the perfect one for you.

This 5 drawer toolbox is very popular in the market. It certainly has a good recognition for a good building. With its dimensions of 30.5*66*43.2 cm, this unit is made of 0.8mm good quality steel. You are good to go if durability is in your checklist to buy a toolbox.

All of its drawers slide smoothly with its 254mm ball bearing glides. Each drawer has a rubber mat to prevent items from sliding down. So, you don’t have to worry about how easy it will open the drawers and because of the rubber, there will be no unwanted noise while opening.

Now, what about the locking security and stuff? Well, Homak used HMC high-security tubular locking mechanism to ensure proper lock in this toolbox.

Weight is about 20.2kg, which is standard for a 5 drawer toolbox. It has 3.2 mils black epoxy-polyester powder-coat finish on it.

Built of quality steel. You can’t open the drawers while the top lid is down. Doesn’t comes with a tray.
HMC high-security tubular locking system.
Two recessed side handles.
Slip-proof liners.

6. Homak BL04011410 11-Drawer Rolling Cabinet (Best Homak Rolling Tool Box)

The Homak 41-inch Side cabinet rolling toolbox is the most high-end toolbox on our list. Perfect match for a professional shop, DIYer’s garage and for a tough guy to organize all these tools at home.

Its heavy-duty double-walled steel construction features 11 ball bearing slide drawers. Each drawer can take loads up to 88 lbs. Drawers have EVA liners and top mat, so don’t worry about scratches. Full-length aluminum drawers can be pulled very easily.

You can lock and secure your tool with its HMC high-security tubular locking system. The key has a unique circular shape which makes it almost impossible to break off the key. The heavy steel epoxy-polyester black powder-coat finish on it.

Its 4 roller bearing casters makes this 11 drawer rolling tool cabinet to move with ease. To make sure safety and stability, it has two swivel and two locks. The push handle is made of heavy-duty rubberized aluminum.

Heavy-duty double-walled steel construction. Because of its heavy steel and size, it’s very heavy but moves well enough with wheels. This may take more space than usual if you have a small size room.
HMC high-security tubular locking system.The casters are not of high quality.
88-lb. weight capacity per drawer.
Easy mobility with roller bearing casters.
The full-length handle makes it easy to move .

Quick Guide to buy the right toolbox.

1. Getting the size right.

It’s always better to get a slightly larger toolbox than what you would need. Because you never know when you need to carry extra tools. And what’s the use of a toolbox if you can’t carry all your tools. 

2. Weight capacity.

Depending on the size and weight of your tools, you should buy a toolbox. If you don’t have large and heavy tools, it’s better to get something lightweight and portable.

For those who have heavier tools, it’s always better to get a toolbox with rollers.

3. Choice of material.

Most of the Homak toolboxes here have solid construction and have mostly metal frames. These are extremely durable and will last longer than other plastic toolboxes.

The upside of using a plastic toolbox is they are much more lightweight!

4. A number of compartments.

Toolboxes with lots of useful compartments are preferable. It will help you get super organized and place your tools in the desired spots. Your working efficiency will also increase.

5. Locking system.

Homak toolboxes are known for their ultra-secure locking mechanism. It’s very important to protect your tools as some of them can be very expensive and prone to theft. The Homak BG02026503 is a toolbox with superior security.

A brief history of Homak manufacturing.

Before Homak toolboxes came into the frame, Homak manufacturing began its journey with kitchen cabinets.

Sigmund H Danzier Jr., a man single-handedly started Homak manufacturing in 1947. As the manufacturing expanded, Homak also started making toolboxes.

The brand became so popular that large retailers like Walmart, Kmart, Ace Hardware and Sears became their customers at some point through the 1970’s and 1980’s.

After Sigmund’s death, his wife Trudy continued to expand the toolbox business. 

Today Homak manufactures everything from the kitchen cabinet, tool boxes to gun cabinets.

FAQ About Homak Toolbox.

1. Are Homak tool boxes good?

Homak makes it sure that they are manufacturing their products with the highest grade of raw materials available. Not only that, they are very dedicated to providing good customer service to their clients. Their customers are giving positive reviews of their products all over the internet, for example: how well build their products are, how they perfectly meet customer’s expectations.

2. How does a DIY wood toolbox differ from Homak toolboxes?

Wood toolboxes are not as popular as they used to be back in the days. But there are enthusiasts who make their own wood toolbox for fun and aesthetic purposes.

Wood boxes made from hardwood might last quite long. But the quality and efficiency are nowhere near the Homak toolboxes we reviewed here. 

Wood toolboxes are larger and heavy. They can easily break or crack. While Homak toolboxes are specifically made for organizing tools and carrying them easily.

3. Toolboxes vs tool cabinets- which one should you buy?

If you are just a home enthusiast or a beginner, a toolbox will be enough to store your tools. Toolboxes are also suitable for professionals who need to work on the move.

Tool cabinets have large compartments and capacity to accommodate heavy tools. If you are working on a big project that requires every tool under the sun, tool cabinets should serve you right.

4. Where to buy the Homak toolbox?

Homak tool boxes can easily be found in reputable shops nearby for toolboxes. Also, you can go to Homak’s website and order your desired product right from there. If you prefer ordering from Amazon and similar online marketplaces, you can go ahead and order from there.


To sum up, Homak Toolboxes are very good quality products with a very attractive price range. You don’t really need to compromise the build quality because of the price compared to other manufacturers. If you work in your room, backyard, office or construction site, they have the right toolbox for you.I hope you liked our Homak Toolbox reviews and made up your mind for your next purchase.

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