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How to Hide Shoe Laces | 3 Simple Ways

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Actually, a lot of people prefer to hide the long lace of the shoe in order to get a perfect looking. Well, if you’re one of them and want to know how to hide shoelaces, then we’re going to help you. There are several ways to hide the shoe-laces. Here are those methods-

Top 3 Ways to Hide the Shoe Laces

1. Double-Lacing:

The double-lacing is the most popular way to hide the laces. It’s a criss-cross or over-under method-based way. To make the double-lacing, pull on and tighten both loose ends of the shoe-laces. This will make the shoe comfortable and the laces will stay on your shoes. It’s just like a repeat of tying the laces again.

Take the right lace end through the last hole (the left lace is coming through the hole). Now, take the left end through the last hole (the right lace is coming through the hole). This is a great way to shorten the lengths of the excess laces and keep the laces tight too. Finally, tuck both laces into the shoe. Keep them in the comfort zone where the ankles or the sides of the feet go in.

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2. Under the Tongue:

This is another criss-cross or over-under method-based way. To apply this method, pull on and tighten both loose ends of the shoe-laces so that they stay on your feet and become comfortable too. Now, grab the lace ends and pull them back behind to your tongue of the sneaker. Bow the laces behind your tongue or tie them in a criss-cross knot. After that, pull your tongue down over the top of the feet.

Finally, average the laces so that you get comfort by keeping the laces under your tongue. But remember, it’s better to avoid this method if your shoes are so skinny. You’ll feel very uneasy then.

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3. Ankle Wrapping:

To make the ankle wrapping strategy, tie the shoe-laces using the criss-cross or over-under method first. Then, pull on and tighten both of the loose ends of the laces until they stay on your shoes and you get comfort. After that, hold the excess lengths of the laces and wrap your ankle with them. Finally, make a criss-cross knot and you’re all done!

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Bottom Lines

Well, you may apply any of the methods that were given above. You may face a problem at first, but don’t worry. It’ll be okay over time. Just keep trying. Basically, keeping the shoelaces is not only for a better look, but also it helps to keep the shoes tight and comfortable. Hope, you’ll be able to apply these methods according to this guide. But if you still face a problem, then you may watch a video tutorial for further help. Good luck!

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