How to install wheel spacers.


How to install wheel spacers.

How to install wheel spacers

We care about all the things that we use in our everyday life, even which are related to our job or work. All these are special because malfunctioning of these things in an emergency is not acceptable to us.

So, we care a lot. If you look around then you will find the answer. Lots of people want to do maintain their favorite car.

These types of job are a little bit tricky. But you can do this easily if you have some technical knowledge. A car needs good maintenance work.

From all the parts wheel is one of the most important parts of a car. There are lots of mechanisms used for installing wheels on a car.

If you ever noticed after detaching the wheel from the car you can easily identify there is a disk called a wheel spacer. This part is a critical part of installing a wheel.

From the name you can easily identify it is a spacer which made of metal and fit between the vehicle’s hub and the wheel. It used for better handling and stability.

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There are a few steps you can follow to install the part which is described below.

There are a few tools you need before you start to process of installing the wheel spacers to follow. All the tool name is given below.

  1. Automotive Jack
  2. Tire Iron or breaker bar with a socket
  3. Torque wrench
  4. Wire Brush
  5. Degreaser
  6. Shop Rag, etc.

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Step 1

First of all select the perfect wheel spacer. Do not pick that one which does not fit properly. You will find a wheel spacer which is designed for the car model you are using.

So, make sure that you get that one which perfects for the vehicle.

Step 2

Working spaces also very much important to do your job with full freedom. Park your car in hard and level space. Lose the break and monitor that your car is not moving.

Lug the nut that fastens the wheel. It’s important before rising up your vehicle.

Step 3

Select a lift point for the car. Now take the automotive jack and slide under the vehicle following the point you identified to lift.

Using the jack raises the vehicle enough. As a result, you will notice that a single tire is completely off the ground. Take a jack stand and place it under the vehicle.

Now lower your vehicle. It will sit on the jack stand. Remember that sitting the vehicle on a jack stand is so important because working under the vehicle which only lifted the automotive jack is not safe.

Even it can cause severe injury or death as well.

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Step 4

Remove all the lug nut. After removing it you will be able to raise the tire. Take out the tire by sliding it and put it aside to get a space to install the wheel spacer.

Make sure that the hub is smooth and clean. Most of the time the hub becomes dirty. So you need to clean it rusted or pitted use a wire brush for it. You can wipe down the entire hub surface. It is important to function well.

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Step 5

Some people use Loctite for securing the spacer. You can also use it. At the wheel, stud place a drop of Loctite. Now take the wheel spacer and place it.

Careful the spacer is placed perfectly according to line up following the wheel hub. Now attach the wheel spacer with the hub.

For that, you need the bolt. Seat the wheel spacer firmly against the hub. Use the torque wrench to tighten the spacer according to the torque specification.

Do not over tighten it. You can do this more easily if anyone presses the brake paddle then it become steady to tighten the bolt.

Step 6

Now take the wheel and slide it against the wheel spacer. According to the torque specification, install the lug nut. You can follow the star pattern for proper seating.

Using the automotive jack, raise the vehicle and take out the jack stand. Now lower the vehicle onto the new wheel. You are done with the process.

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If you need to do this job with every other wheel, then follow steps 3 to 4 and repeat it for every wheel.

After finishing the process, inspect and verify proper alignment and function. It’s very important before driving the car. With the damaged wheel spacer do not drive. Follow a few easy steps you can install it by yourself easily.

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