How To Make A Doormat- The Diy Way.


How To Make A Doormat- The Diy Way.


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There are tons of people who sell beautiful doormats, some even take orders for personalized doormats. But some people like me would still love to do it themselves.

A welcoming doormat is the first host of the house, so why not make it yourself at home with a warm welcoming vibe for your guests?

Why Should You Make a Doormat at Home?

Well, you should make doormat at your home for a couple of reasons. But I would share what inspires me to make my own doormats.

1. A sense of warm welcome.

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Ever made a birthday card for your friends or family instead of buying one? Making the entrance mat by yourself holds the feelings. It will always welcome to offer a warm welcome to your guests.

2. Personalized Design.

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Making it yourself gives you the freedom to design it however you want. You can choose the color combination, material, design, and pattern.

3. Recycling waste products.

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A lot of wasted garments, ropes, and many little things can turn into a beautiful outdoor mat, isn’t it amazing? It’s always a better idea to recycle your used products rather than just throwing them out.

4. Saving some bucks.

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Nonetheless, it surely saves the money you would be spending on a doormat while buying from the household store. Why not just save it and buy a treat for yourself? After all, credit is yours!

Creative Doormat DIY Ideas.


There are tons of options and creative ideas on doormat DIY on the internet. If you love crafts, then I’m pretty sure that you would come up with your own idea. But if you need some more ideas on the patterns and materials you should use for making a Doormat, then surf the internet.

You can make your doormat out of waste clothes, t-shirts, leggings, jeans, or you can make a doormat with wool.

To added color and texture, you can use other materials, combining, spray adhesive, glitter, colors, and other fun materials. You can make it however you want it. There are no restrictions. But, we came up with some basic ideas on how to make doormat at home. Let’s have a look.

How to make doormat at home.

The easiest way to make doormat at home with very few things is recycling. You need not buy a bunch of stuff for these DIYs. So, it’s cost-effective as well. I will show you three ways to make your doormat at home. Stay tuned.

1. How to make doormat with waste t-shirts.

Take two waste t-shirts of contrasting colors.

Cut out the collars and sleeves and fold the T from the center. Then mark 1 or 1.5 inches wide lines. Take a scissor.

Now cut along the line you have marked and make evenly long and wide pieces from both the T-shirts. Don’t waste the sleeves. Cut even pieces from the sleeves as well.

Now take a rack or any frame that comes in the size of the doormat you desire to make. Then bind them with the sticks evenly. Make a horizontal layer and then a vertical layer with the same color pieces, like the woven cotton.

Then make another horizontal layer with the same color pieces.

Now make another two horizontal layers with the other color.

Again make another two vertical layers with the second color

Now take some coarse threads, and make individual knots on each cross joint attaching all the seven layers together.

Now enter the scissor and run through the first 2 (upper) layers of the seven layers.

Now make a knot along the edges before cutting it out of the rack/frame.

Here is the top size of your doormat

And this is the back view of your doormat.

2. How to make doormat with wool.

Take two colored wool-roll.

Now wrap it around three fingers. Keep the fingers fixed because it will determine the size of the pompom.

Give a strong knot.

Cut through the edges and make nice and even pompom. Make 50 of each color.

Now take a coarse waste fabric, like jute or jeans. And cut it into a round shape. Keep the diameter about 12-16inches.

Now sew each pompon according to your color combinations.

Wallah! You are done! Your new doormat is ready to go.

3. How to make doormat using old jeans.

Take your old jeans. And cut it into pieces.

Now make 6 inches long and 4 centimeter wide panels.

Now loosen up the weave for 2 centimeters horizontally.

Now take a coarse fabric and cut it into a circle of 12 inches diameter.

Now sew the panels around the circle and cover it up entirely.

Cover the center with a round piece of jeans for the finishing touch.

Your new doormat already got a stylish appearance.

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