How to use Bicycle Gloves to your advantage.


How to use Bicycle Gloves to your advantage.


Bicycle-Gloves. Image Source Pixabay.

Pro cyclists and recreational cyclists, all have two things in common- cycle and gloves!

Gloves are one of the most loved accessories in the cycling community!

Some people wear them for protection, and most people wear them for that sporty feel.

If you are new to cycling or even bicycle gloves, this post will motivate you to buy a pair of gloves today.

This is how you can use bicycle gloves to your advantage!

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1. Use the soft towel to wipe the sweat.

Most bicycle gloves have a soft towel-like fabric attached to the back. It might be located near the thumb area or all over the area below the fingers.

You are bound to sweat when you cycle. You can use this small feature to keep those nasty sweat away from drooling over the handlebar.

You might be working in a physically demanding sector that requires to handle stuff. Get used to bicycle gloves, and you will know why.

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2. Get gloves with signal lights.

Did you know some bicycle gloves have turn signals?

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this feature if you use a bicycle for regularly commuting from home to office.

The streets at night can become dangerous for cyclists. You literally don’t have any way to let the car behind you know which way you are going to turn.

Turn signal gloves have LED lights that signal the way you are going to move.

Check out the video here!

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3. Use extensively in winter.

Use Extensively In Winter. Image Source Pixabay.

Winter can be frustrating for cyclists. It can become too cold to grip the handlebar.

So, if you are still not accustomed to wearing gloves, get a pair this winter. You will not regret the comfort bicycle gloves can provide.

It’s best to have separate winter gloves made from fleece or polypropylene for the best comfort.

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4. Perfect for people with sweaty palms.

Lots of people having sweating issues. It can become risky when you are riding off-road with lots of bumps.

Bicycle gloves that are made from polyester and acrylic offer superior breathability. So, the sweat from inside the gloves can through the fabric and get evaporated.

The better your grip, the better your riding experience.

5. Don’t find the right size- get a tighter one instead.

Getting the size right for gloves can be tricky, especially if you are buying online. People often debate over whether gloves should be loose or tight.

Something in between is always good. However, if you are confused, it’s always better to get something tight.

Yes, loose gloves will feel like they are more breathable. But as you ride for a longer duration, your hands will develop blisters soon.

A tighter fit eliminates this possibility and also gives you a good feeling of the handlebar.

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6. Use the tabs to increase glove life-span.

Have you ever seen tabs on bicycle gloves? These are small fabric elongation attached to one or more tips of the fingers.

These are provided to remove the gloves safely.

Most people will just pull out the gloves from the wrists or pull their fingers. However, this can rupture the fabric and loosen the fittings.

Just pull the tab up, and the gloves will come up nicely.

7. Do you bike off-road or on roads?

Do You Bike Off-Road or on roads.Image Source Pixabay.

Fingerless gloves are very popular among cyclists! And we can understand why!

These gloves provide comfort and lots of breathabilities. However, you can’t just have a single pair of fingerless glove.

If you are riding off-road or mountain biking, a fingerless version won’t provide you protection. You can fall off from your bike, and there will be no protection on the fingers to keep them safe.

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8. Give them a wash frequently.

Washing gloves should not be an activity that you do once every month.

Sweaty gloves will damage faster than cleaner ones. The same goes for all sorts of clothing and fabrics.

Sweat calls for bacteria and bacteria love to feed upon the fabric. Also, sweat can make the fabric softer and lose its shape.

So, make it a habit to wash gloves as soon as you reach home.

9. Never buy gloves without padding.

There are tons of gloves available with zero paddings. These gloves feel great on hands but sadly doesn’t work for cyclists.

One of the most important purposes of wearing bicycle gloves is to protect your hands from numbing. Paddings will give your hands added support and let you ride longer than usual.

Look for heavier soft padding, preferably gel padding for better performance.

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 10. Wear them even if you don’t need to wear it.

There are certain things sportsmen do when they start their proceedings. These are just rituals that don’t have any logical explanations.

For example, in Cricket, batsmen often tap their bats on the ground for no reason. These little activities keep them in the game and away from distractions.

If you want to become a pro cyclist, make a habit of wearing gloves before you ride. In this way, you will get in the mood as soon as you wear them. John Bradley from explains this in more detail.

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