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IKEA Antilop High Chair Review

IKEA Antilop High Chair Review

Shopping for a high chair can be a bit dizzying. Some high chairs adjust to 10 different heights. Some recline to angles that rival the sleep surface of a crib. Some have ultra-fancy padding and convert into 7 different products after the high chair.

The humble IKEA Antilop high chair does none of those things. So why would you consider a high chair that seems to lack what other high chairs have? Let's discuss the reasons in this IKEA Antilop High Chair Review, shall we?

IKEA Antilop High Chair Review in Details

You probably won't be using the high chair much until baby can eat solid foods, and when you're eating solid food, you need to sit up. That means the lack of reclining seat isn't a problem for meal times. It's nice for naps, of course, but you could simply move your child to an actual sleeping surface instead of allowing naps at the table.

The Antilop high chair sits at the right height to slide up to most dining tables. If you have a non-standard table height or a bar-height table, it won't sidle up alongside the table perfectly. It will still work nicely as a stand-alone high chair, though!

Perhaps the best feature of the Antilop high chair is the one-piece seat. There are very few spots where mess and crumbs can sneak in. Actually, the only spots on the seat that could accumulate mess are the holes for the harness. The rest is one smooth piece of plastic that is super-simple to wipe off.

Pros of IKEA Antilop High Chair

IKEA Antilop High Chair

The high chair is light weight, so you can pick the whole thing up and take it outside for a hosing-off if it needs it. I've done this with my other high chairs, too, but with Antilop, you don't have to disassemble anything or clean under pads or check to see if you got a bunch of crevices dried out before you take it back inside. So easy and convenient!

I also love that the legs come off quickly and with little effort. You probably won't want to take them off every day to store the high chair, but this feature does make it quite easy to travel with the Antilop. The removable legs make this high chair a great choice for the grandparents house, too.

A high chair cushion and cover is now available for $12.90.  if you'd like to give your baby some extra support. It's not really necessary, but some people really like that cushy padding for baby's meal spot. At just $12.90, you're not taking a big financial risk if you try the padding and hate it.

There's a three-point harness at the bottom of the seat to keep baby inside. There's also a t-post that is permanently attached to the high chair so baby cannot slide down under the tray. I would prefer to have a five-point safety harness to keep wiggly toddlers in place better.

Cons of IKEA Antilop High Chair

The only other major complaint is that the tray can be difficult to remove. It's not a fancy, smooth one-hand release like you find on pricier models. It snaps on. To snap it off, you have to work at it, especially when it's new. You would not want to do this while there's a bowlful of baby oatmeal on the tray, or you will be wearing oatmeal. It's easy enough to just leave the tray attached most of the time, so this is not a huge drawback, really. Just don't expect to whip that tray off with one hand. It might even sound like you're breaking it.

Bottom Lines

Overall, though, the IKEA Antilop high chair is pretty much perfect for its price. You get everything you need to feed a baby, and absolutely nothing extra. You can even stack several of them together if you have multiples and don't want to have two or three high chairs taking up space all day. If you want bells and whistles, you'll need to look elsewhere. If you want a spot to feed your baby that costs less than half of other high chair models, the Antilop is a great choice. I recommend you visit WelcomeParenthood for getting the more useful baby and parenting tips for making your parenting more easier.

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