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Makita LCT300W 18-Volt Cordless 3-Piece Combo Kit Review

makita lct300w review

Makita has been in the industry for a long time, and this time they have manufactured the Makita LCT300W. This is a powerful drill which is only 3.5 pounds but can deliver 450 inch-pounds power. It also has a 2.8 pound driver whose speed is adjustable and on its own delivers 1,280-inch-pounds power. Besides, it has a flashlight which has a Xenon bulb for illumination while drilling. The battery itself is made of compact lithium. The charger is also provided with the kit on a purchase.

Makita LCT300W Pros :

The Makita LCT300W has multiple benefits to anyone who purchases the product. First of all, the power produced by the machine is immense enough to fasten very many things at the shortest time possible. It can also penetrate a wide range of materials. All the parts are made of high-quality materials hence can withstand intense heat produced during drilling. The steel used is sufficiently hard and can last very long regardless of how often it is used.

Another advantage is that the machine is very light due to the ability to adjust the four head angles which comes handy in any task. The batteries that come with the machine can fully recharge in just about minutes and can run for over two hours. Another feature that is very essential is the self-illumination which is provided by the LED light that makes drilling in tight and dark places a simple process. The Makita LCT300W is cordless hence making it convenient to carry around and due to its size can be safely put in the pocket.

Makita LCT300W Cons :

Despite all these advantages of the Makita LCT300W it still has its downside. Since the machine is cordless and runs on batteries, it may not be useful for use over a long time continuously. Once the batteries become flat, they require recharging which might interfere with time schedules on work completion. Besides this, the Makita logo has been inscribed using paint which wears off when the drill is put in very tight places. This is however not a major drawback as all the other parts are made of rubber hence cannot be scraped off.

D. Nowakowski's Review on Makita LCT300W

In a Makita LCT300W review, D. Nowakowski a fabricator living in Berkeley, California describes the entire kit as having gone beyond his expectations. He bought the kit after his previous drill jammed while he was performing a project hoping it would help him finish the project he was working on. First, he describes how amazed he was by the machine which is tiny but so powerful. He also gives credit to the size as he can conveniently put the machine in his pockets while climbing a ladder which makes it easy to carry a load of other tools in his tool bag. Like many people, he, however, complains about the battery life which he says is not a problem to him since he can recharge very quickly using the fast charger. Overall he gives the machine 5.0 out of 5 and says it works perfectly for him and recommends it to all who go out to fix things in the field.

The Bottom Line

The Makita LCT300W is a perfect kit and is recommended to all people who do any drilling work. There are far many advantages compared to the few setbacks that come with the machine. Makita, on the other hand, should look into the few flaws that customers are talking about and make the improvements. Once these are done the machine will almost be perfect for any drilling work. Before purchasing this gadget, you can also check out numerous Makita LCT300W review in online and thus be able to make an informed decision about it. While making the purchase, you also need to ensure that you get the product from honest dealers who sell genuine Makita products rather than the counterfeits. The complete kit is also very cheap considering all its abilities and the service that it will give you. Moreover, there are very many dealers who are giving discounts for the purchase of this product. You can take advantage of this and make the order for the Makita LCT300W, and you can be rest assured you will not regret it.

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