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Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander Review

Milwaukee 6021

The Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander is a 5-inch palm sander with a 3.0 amp, variable speed motor. The electronic soft start takes a couple of seconds to get up to speed, but the feature keeps one from accidentally starting the motor and scratching the surface. The ergonomic grip is comfortably shaped, but may be a bit large for smaller hands.

That being said, the Milwaukee 6021-21 sander performs beautifully, and seems to transmit fewer vibrations through to the operator than comparable sanders. Covered by a five-year warranty and at a reasonable price point, the Milwaukee 6021-21 represents a terrific value.


  • The on-off switch is a covered, sealed rocker switch, to keep sawdust out for long life.
  • Uses 5-inch diameter, 8-hole hook and loop sanding disks.
  • Powerful 3.0 amp, variable speed (7,000-12,000 RPM) motor.
  • Includes hard-shell carrying case and dust bag.


  • Smooth random orbit action without a lot of vibration passed on to operator
  • Can be used with 1-1/4" or 2-1/2" dust collection hoses
  • Covered by a five-year warranty
  • 12-foot power cord is a nice feature


  • Ergonomic hand grip may be a little wide for small hands

Guide Review - Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander Review

The Milwaukee 6021-21 Random Orbit Sander has the feel of a heavy-duty woodworking tool without feeling heavy. The feature set is impressive (as noted above), but probably the most impressive thing I could say about this sander is that I had a difficult time finding any faults with the unit.

In testing the Milwaukee 6021-21, I used some extremely rough-cut lumber, and using a series of progressively finer sanding grits (moving through 50-grit, 80, 120 and 220), in just a few minutes I was able to turn a very rough piece of stock (I actually used a slat from an old pallet) into a smooth, beautiful piece of material that looked like it would belong in any piece of fine furniture.

The other thought that I came away from this review was, after a considerable amount of sanding, my hand didn't really feel like it had been vibrated excessively. This means that the sander can be used for longer periods of time with less fatigue.

After completing the testing of this sander, I checked the price of the unit online and was pleasantly surprised. I expected to see a higher price point for the features and performance of this sander. All in all, based on the price point, I thought the Milwaukee 6021-21 represents an excellent value.

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