Porter Cable C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor Review.


Porter Cable C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor Review.

Porter Cable C2002 review

**  This review has been updated as of September 2019.

It is hard to choose the right air compressor. There are so many brands, models and reviews for each of them that one could read for months and still not finish.

One of the most popular manufacturers in this industry is Porter-Cable. They are appreciated by millions of consumers all over the country and in the whole world.

If you like DIY projects, you could use such a compressor for powering various pneumatic tools fasteners, framers or disc cutters.

The unique oil-free functionality is one of the standout features of this air compressor. The Pancake design and high-quality material construction make it one of the best ever.

Here’s my detailed review on this air compressor!

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  • Portable with a large tank capacity.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Semi-professional but perfect for home use.
  • The toolkit included for proper maintenance.
  • It requires no assembling. Use it right out of the box.
  • Rubber feet have been added (this was missing earlier)


  • Need to change the release valve from time to time (but these are cheap)
  • The instruction manual is not detailed enough.

Porter-Cable C2002 Review– Top features and performance.


You can’t ignore the fact that all air compressors need maintenance and rest in between operation. If you maintain these following things, it will last for years to come:

  • Give at least 15 minutes rest after each hour of operation.
  • Keep the bearings clean from dust and mud.
  • Don’t push it to operate 24 hours!

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Portability vs Tank capacity

It has a 6-gallon capacity tank. So, once the tank stores air, you can use it for a longer time.

You can expect with such a huge storage tank, the weight to be on the heavier side.

But the surprising fact is it only weighs 30 pounds. So, comparatively, this air compressor provides maximum storage capacity carrying the least amount of weight.

The Pancake design also adds to the portability. This design allows you to carry it without any issues.

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Machine construction

The overall machine construction materials are quite good. I found all parts to run smooth.

But keep in mind, these machines have some plastic parts. And as with all plastic components, they will wear out at some point.

The release valve is a major issue. It seemed pretty fragile and prone to leakage. Well, I am yet to find that as I haven’t used it enough. But going by the reviews from other experienced users, it seems there is some problem with the release valve.

The solution: Porter Cable sells these valves separately at cheap prices. So, you can grab some of them and use them when necessary.

Noise factor

Air compressors are bound to be loud. So, I really can’t say anything special about this machine. However, What I can say, it doesn’t make more noise than any other air compressors in the market.

Testing the performance

I tested the Porter-Cable C2002 for a variety of tasks. On light to moderate use, this machine works perfectly. For heavy-duty work, It works just fine but didn’t impress me as much it did for moderate works.

I got the best results when I used it to blow debris, clean my vacuum filters and working with pneumatic nailers.

The great plus point was that I was able to inflate all four of my car tires. I didn’t expect that. Because small pumps like these can barely handle tire inflating works.

When the air starts to fill in the tank, the noise is pretty low compared to other air compressors.

I found that the machine requires draining from time to time. This might irritate you but I was okay with it. These are machines after all and require some form of maintenance.

The solution- Start the air compressor at 20 Psi and then keep the release valve open. A bit of tilting and the condensation will go off.

Who should buy the Porter-Cable C2002?

This is highly-rated air compressor is most suitable for those who work on DIY projects and also expect to carry it for emergency vehicle tire inflation.

Let’s face it!

This is not an industrial-grade air compressor but it certainly has a bit more capacity to be used for more than hobby tasks.

So, if you are in the floor framing and molding job, it can surely work for you.

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Final Verdict- Should you buy this?

The Porter-Cable C2002 WK Oil-Free Air compressor is perfect for those who want a better performance than regular portable air compressors.

You can either buy only the compressor or the compressor with the accessories.

But still,  judging by the price and the functionalities it can offer, it’s worth buying this.

For DIYers and professionals who know what they are doing, this machine is highly recommended.

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