Porter Cable C2002 WK Oil-Free Air Compressor Review

porter cable c2002 wk review

This Porter Cable C2002 WK Review will take a closer look at all characteristics and benefits of this air compressor, as well as at its possible drawbacks that could make people shy away from purchasing it. It will help you decide whether this is the compressor you were looking for or not.

Main Features

The first thing worth noticing in our PORTER CABLE C2002 WK review is that the tank has a storage ability of 150 psi which allows for longer tool running times. It is perfect for do it yourself projects that involve the intensive use of pneumatic tools. Moreover, the very quick recovery time is also ideal if you have lots of things to do and you can’t afford to wait for too long between two cycles.

The motor is a low-amp one, excellent choice, as it starts easily even when it is very cold outside. Besides, the oil-free pump is another great advantage, because it requires no maintenance and it is extremely durable. You can be sure you are going to use your air compressor for a very long time without spending money on costly repairs.

Porter Cable C2002 WK Review

The 6 gallon tank features an excellent stability, thanks to its pancake shape and to its solid rubber feet. This is very good, as it may also contribute to lowering the noise, as the device will vibrate less.

The air compressor has a sturdy handle which is very useful, as it makes the unit easier to transport. The console cover is very useful, as it offers additional protection to the vital elements of the device while making it easier to move from one location to another.

Who Is This Air Compressor For?

porter cable c2002 compressor

Anyone who loves do it yourself projects or who has certain hobbies that involve the use of pneumatic tools will be very happy with this air compressor. It is not a professional tool, but for household and hobby purposes it is one of the best choices, thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio. It can help you do various jobs such as using a pneumatic stapler or a nail gun. You can also use it for drying your car after washing it, just to give you an example.

Advantages of the C2002-WK

The 13-piece accessory kit that comes with the air compressor is very useful, and it saves you time. You won’t have to buy anything else to put this tool to work, as the package includes everything it needs to be fully operational.

The weight is another great advantage of this air compressor. The machine weighs only 30 lbs, thus being quite easy to carry around as needed. The built-in handle on top of the device is another useful add-on, so if you need to move your compressor a lot, this is a good advantage for you.

There are two pressure gauges on this air compressor. One is in the tank, and the other one is on the outlet side of the regulator. They enable the user to know at all times the reserve air pressure that is stored in the tank, as well as the air pressure available at the exit.

Cons of Porter Cable C2002

There aren’t too many cons, as this air compressor is just perfect for house hold purposes. However, if you use it indoors for a long time, you may start to be annoyed by its noise. At 82 decibels, it is not the loudest on the market, but not very quiet either.


The conclusion of this PORTER CABLE C2002 WK review is that the device is excellent for DIY lovers who need a reliable air compressor to power their pneumatic tools. Easy to carry from place to place and running without any maintenance, it is a good choice, probably the best in its class.

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