PORTER-CABLE PC250MTK 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Review.


PORTER-CABLE PC250MTK 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Review.

Porter Cable PC250MTK Review

This is an update to the earlier review I posted. Last time I couldn’t really talk about the performance of this great tool. However, I got this last month and believe me I was thrilled to use it.

Oscillating tools are a great addition to have in any DIY kit. The Porter-Cable PC250MTK Oscillating Multi-tool is rated high not because of its easy to use functions, but also because the price is pretty much affordable.

This is the ultimate oscillating tool using a tool-free system. We will get to that later in this review.

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  • No tools required for attaching the blade tools.
  • Varieties of blades and sandpaper for a specific use.
  • On/off switch positioned for easy access.
  • Easy dial switch system for speed control.


  • Only blades from Porter-Cable will work with the oscillating device.



What the toolkit contains

Apart from the sturdy box in which all the tools come, this is the list of all tool included:

  • Precision wood end-cut blade.
  • Wood end-cut blade.
  • Wood metal end-cut blade.
  • Half segment wood blade.
  • Carbide grout.
  • Sanding platen.
  • 60, 120, 240 grit sandpaper sheets.
  • Rigid scraper.
  • Flexible scraper.

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Variable speed control

To control the speed of the oscillation, there’s a dial switch provided. And I really loved the dial switch. This eliminates the need to push buttons all the time. The speed varies from 10,000-20,000 OPM with 2.8 degrees of oscillation. So, no complaints here.

Sliding on/off switch

The on/off switch is just at the perfect position at the top front of the tool. So, you can easily access it. I was happy that the oscillating tool had no trigger type switch as like the drills, which requires constant pressing.

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Performance and functionality

Talking about functionality, the tool-free system is the best thing to have in an oscillating tool.

Other oscillating tools require you to use screwdrivers and bolts to mount the blades to the tool.

In the case of Porter-Cable PC250MTK, the blade attachment just works in the blink of an eye. Just press the metal arm at the front and put in the blades. Release the metal arm and the blades will stay secure at their place. No tools and no time-wasting.

The end-cut blades were the best. I really loved working with them. Gone are the days when people used to use a single blade for all projects. The precision wood cut-blade was most effective for me. It had pretty sharp teeth.

However, I thought the blades could have been a little bigger and wider for cutting wide chunks of wood faster.

And I missed out on one of the most crucial parts of this oscillating multi-tool kit. It’s the cable. It’s 10 ft long and you will never need an extension cord again. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.

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A little issue

The Porter-Cable blades are unique and designed in a way so that it can fit the oscillating tool without any manual tightening. So, that also leaves you with a certain limitation- you will have to use only Porter-Cable blades. Third-party blades will not work on it. But who cares!

Bottom Line

So, when considering new multi tool kits, one has to take the time to consider several options, when they are choosing the perfect set. Comparing all multi tool kits, and comparing the various features that they offer, is going to make for the right choice, and will give the purchaser several options to consider when they are deciding on which multi tool kit is the right option for them to consider purchasing. When you are looking for great power, you are going to find that the Porter-Cable PC250MTK is the optimal choice, and will allow for completing any job, no matter what the size of the job might be.

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