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Profile of Hitachi Power Tools : Manufacturing Power Tools Since 1948

Profile of Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi is a well-known name in a lot of circles of the construction industries, all the way from their garden equipment to heavy earth moving machines. Of course, since we're discussing the company, they have a line of woodworking power tools as well.

Hitachi Koki Company Ltd. formed in 1948 to build electric power tools in support of the coal mining industry, but it wasn't long before they started branching out into other areas.

In 1960, they introduced a line of pneumatic tools, followed by their first models of Hitachi cordless drills in 1979. In 1980, the company formed Hitachi Power Tools USA, focusing on the American markets. in 1994, that segment was renamed as Hitachi Koki USA to accommodate the addition of manufacturing to the US.

Today, the company is known for innovation in a number of areas, but one that really has grabbed my attention is in their advancement of Lithium-Ion powered handheld power tools. The line includes dozens of models of cordless drills, jigsaws, circular saws, reciprocating saws and even multitools. Some of my favorites include the Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill kit, which has received accolades across the industry as being a great tool at a terrific value, and the heavy-duty Hitachi DS18DBL 18 volt Lithium Ion Brushless Driver Drill, which was Hitachi's first tool motor with a brushless design. Instead of standard brushes within the motor, which can eventually wear out and need replacement, this model utilizes a micro processor to control power and improve efficiency.

The new design results in a motor that provides up to 50% longer battery life between charges, which any woodworker or builder will appreciate. Best of all, Hitachi's Lithium-Ion line of products are covered by one of the best warranties in the industry.

However, the company is not limited to specializing in cordless power tools. They were one of the first manufacturers to offer a sliding compound miter saw for woodworking, and today, that product line includes nearly a dozen different models, from lightweight 8-1/2 inch blade trim saws that are ideal for trim carpenters, to 12-inch dual sliding compound miter saws (in which the saw head can be turned either left or right while simultaneously being tilted to the left or right for an unlimited variety of compound cuts) with laser marking systems for nearly any wood crosscutting task.

Hitachi's pneumatic woodworking tool line includes scores of framing nailers, finish nailers(including brad nailers), staplers and even air compressors to provide power to traditional pneumatic tools. If you'd prefer to eliminate the tether of a compressed air hose to your tools, Hitachi offers a line of gas powered nailers that are powered by a combination of a gas canister and a Lithium-Ion battery for ease of use without the need for an air compressor or air hoses.

Hitachi also has a line of woodworking tools that will be at home in any woodshop. The company offers a series of routers, such as the Hitachi KM12VC Fixed & Plunge Router Kit, which is a stout 11-amp router motor that can be used in either the fixed base or plunge base, both provided within the hard-sided case that accompanies the router kit. Or you might consider one of their line of random orbit sanders, such as the Hitachi SV13YA Random Orbit Sander, a 2.4-amp variable speed sander that sands quickly and leaves a beautiful finish.

No matter what your woodworking tool needs, it's likely Hitachi Power Tools will have a tool for you to consider.

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