Skil Lithium Ion 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit Review

Skil combo kit

You want an all-inclusive cordless tool set. It has to come from a reputable name brand tool manufacturer. It has to include the basic accessories for you to hit the ground running. It needs to be cost-effective, but not necessarily rock-bottom cheap. Batteries need to be lithium ion. And above all, it has to be 18 volt.

With those conditions in mind, you're probably in the market for something like the Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit.

The Skil 18v Combo Kit hits all of those requirements square on the head. Yes, it does have a few failings along the way, though none of them are deal breakers.

Starting Out

The good part is that the Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit truly is set to go the minute you rip open the cardboard box. No need to go out to The Home Depot and start purchasing bits and blades; you have enough to get you started.

With these four tools, plus the flashlight, I wager that you can accomplish about 75% of all home remodeling tasks. Toss in a corded circular saw, a miter saw, and a table saw, all purchased separately, and you're good to go for the length of your home remodeling career.

About the only thing you will need to replace along the way are blades, bits, and the lithium-ion batteries.

Everything fits into the included carrying bag. The bag will not satisfy neat-freaks and obsessive-compulsives, as there are only a few assigned spaces (for the batteries and charger). Everything else gets lumped together within the bag itself. Actually, I prefer this arrangement because it saves space. Plastic cases look great, but they take up too much room.

Skil® Lithium Ion 18V 1/2” Cordless Drill/Driver

The real standout item in the kit is the Skil 18V Drill/Driver. It has an interchangeable left/right handle to help you steady the drill; soft grips; a half-inch chuck that's easy to open and close; a reverse and forward button located near the trigger; and a holder on top of the drill to store a couple of screwdriver bits. The Skil drill 18v feels right in the hand.

The real trick that cordless drill manufacturers face is to balance the drill body against the considerable weight of the lithium ion or NiCad batteries. Because the Skil® battery is relatively light, the drill body itself is reduced in weight. But what I really loved about this Skil® cordless drill is the way that it starts and stops on a dime. The very instant you let go of the trigger, the chuck comes to an instant halt. Press the trigger and the drill starts at nearly full speed. Battery life is sufficient; nothing to worry about there. Drill torque is enough to blast in even the most difficult screws or drill bits.

Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

My second favorite tool in the combo kit is the Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw (often pejoratively and erroneously called a Sawzall, though that is a trademark of Milwaukee Tools, Inc.). Like the drill, this 18 V cordless reciprocating saw boasts a nice soft, pebbled grip and fine balance.

One off-note from an ergonomic standpoint is that the heel of my hand rests directly on the Turbo/Standard switch. Even though my hand never accidentally flipped the switch, I kept worrying that I would eventually flip it. This issue only applies to right-handed people, though; lefties should be fine. One nifty feature is that the reciprocating saw has a slide out holder for two extra saw blades.

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