Three Reasons to Go Outside and Play

Three Reasons to Go Outside and Play

Reasons to Go Outside and Play

We know that it is very beneficial for our kids to play outside, but sometimes we forget how much it can benefit us as parents. It's not only a great way to get the kids out of your hair for a second ("Just go play outside!"), but there's also plenty of reasons you should be getting outside with them. Here are just three ways that getting outside with your kids is good for adults.

1. Togetherness

With everyone’s busy schedules, finding family time is not always easy. Dedicating some time to being together—and leaving that technology that we are so dependent on behind—will help create lasting bonds and tons of memories.

The best way to stay together is to go for picnic and enjoy with your family members. Outdoor games are the best in picnic. You can play cricket, football etc. Or you can play with best sniper rifle nerf gun with your kids or can play Parachute Game, Wet Sponge Relay Race etc.

Another cool way to stay together is to ride a tandem bike. With mom or dad providing the power up front, kids can use either pedal along, or enjoy the ride. With this mom and dad don’t have to worry about needing to slow down while the kids struggle to catch up. They can pedal when they want to, and take a breather when they’re tired, and the family can still be on the go the entire time!

2. Fresh Air

We all spend too much time cooped up inside, whether we work at home or sit in an office all day. Most of us—myself included—each most meals right at our desks. The kids come home from school and its all homework, dinner, then bedtime. So finding time to get outside and breathe in some fresh air is a real treat. Remember: With your zooming around on kiddie’s bikes or cycles, you’re going to need something to keep up with them. Those are great for parents—or even the teens in your life. Bonus: it's super lightweight.

3. Exercise

Let’s face it: We all make grand plans to hit the gym a couple of times a week and end up not going at all. Who can blame you? Most days, you want to spend your spare time with your kids, not running mindlessly on a treadmill. But why not combine your family time with your exercise time? Reap all the benefits at once!

For the youngest kids, you can try the Tricycle. It’s made for kids under age 5, but is a great stable ride with nice grip handles. Plus, since its 4-in-1, it can grow with your kids and stay with them for years.

For your kids that would like to enjoy the ride instead of doing the work, the electric scooters are foot-pedal-activated and can go up to 2 mph. That means that they can cruise while you stroll along. Make sure you don’t forget to put on your tracker that day—you’ll rack up the steps while your kids ride for 40 minutes before needing a recharge.