Types of Chainsaws – Basic Chainsaw Guide


Types of Chainsaws – Basic Chainsaw Guide



The chainsaw was first introduced with its basic type- the manual chainsaw to mill the logs into lumbers especially for personal use. Till that time manufacturers have added many features to this Tools Adventure to improve their effectiveness and make them more user- friendly. As a consequence, there are many chainsaws available at present market of different sizes, types, capabilities and driving powers. Now chainsaw is no more only a metal bar with a chain. Each new version comes with more specious bells and whistles and has more sawing capacity with a stronger engine. If you are going to buy a chainsaw, you may get confused with the type of chainsaw. Don’t worry, we will introduce you the most common types of chainsaws available in the market with their capacity and features.

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Top 4 basic types of chainsaws.

Manual Chainsaw or Manually Powered Chainsaw.

Manual chainsaws are also called pocket chainsaws for their simplest structure and easy portability. It’s just the combination of a normal saw chain with two grips or handles at both sides. This is a perfect tool or those who don’t want to purchase or use a large machine for the simple or small amount of milling. It is smaller in size and won’t cost you much but it will effectively cut your logs.

The chain of the manual chainsaw doesn’t have cutting teeth that cut only in one direction as the powered chainsaws. The teeth of this saw are oriented to cut in both directions. You have to hold both handles and move it forward and backward in an old-fashioned manner! But this double-sided chain will do your cutting job well. If you don’t have a problem with manual labor and going to use it for smaller jobs like cutting smaller trees or limbs then it’s no doubt a handy tool for you.

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Corded Electric-Powered Chainsaw.

After manually operated chainsaws we will now introduce the powered chainsaws. The name will first come is the corded electric chainsaw. It is a self- explanatory one as you have to plug in or connect the cord of the chainsaw with electric power source or outlet.

These chainsaws also perform the task of milling in a good way but they are not easily portable to remote areas where the cord can’t be connected with an electric outlet. In that case, you have to carry an electric generator to plug it in. hence it’s a good one for the small amount of milling around your house or within a limited range where electricity or generator is available.

The amount of power generated by this chainsaw is not as much as a gas-powered one but it’s enough for milling small trees or logs. You should use an extension cord for working with this saw but don’t push it beyond its capacity. In case of taking it in remote areas, you can mount a generator with the cart or vehicle that will carry it.

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Gas-Powered Chainsaw.

When anyone hears the term “chainsaw” he will typically visualize a gas-powered chainsaw as it is the most common one all over the world. This extreme popularity of this saw is obviously due to its most efficient service in milling the logs. This saw is powered by a two-cycle or two-stroke engine that runs by an oil-gasoline mixture as fuel. Basically, the chainsaw is powered by gas and oil is used to lubricate the inner portion to prevent wearing down.

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This machine is much heavier than others for its larger size and greater capacity. As you can guess you need to spend a handsome amount to buy this chainsaw. But it will surely pay you back the money with its great job if you successfully choose the best one. It will mill through any type of logs irrespective of its size or hardness. Although the type of the engine is almost the same as others the operation of the gas-powered engine is perfectly sound.

Battery-Powered Chainsaw.

If you are going to buy a chainsaw for personal use or a small amount of milling, a battery-powered chainsaw is a great choice for you. This chainsaw is run by a rechargeable battery that eliminates the limitations of the electric-corded saws and hassles of dealing with the gas-oil mixture. This will provide mobility and also lessen the cost of fuel. You can use it anytime and anywhere if the battery is fully charged.

So this is better than others in some perspectives but it has some demerits also. You have to recharge the battery frequently like any other rechargeable devices and the running time of each charge is not much longer. Once the charge is ended, you have to wait until it charged up again stopping the work or you need to keep an extra battery for support in this time. And another fact is that it is basically designed for small tasks so you can’t use it for milling stacks of logs or big trees.  But it’s an excellent one for small works.

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We mentioned here the basic types of chainsaws among many types available. We will suggest you choose the perfect one based on your purpose. Each one has both pros and cons but they will give you excellent service if you use them in their respective fields.

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