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How to Wear Shin Guards Like a Pro?

How to Wear Shin Guards Like a Pro

Shin guard Is a kind of equipment that is widely used to protect the shin bone from injuries. Once shin guards were used in battles, now they have made their home in the sport. But the effectiveness of a shin guard depends on how properly you wear it. Wearing shin guards is not as easy as it seems.

But it’s not that hard either. Don’t worry, below I have designed an article, going through that you would definitely learn how to wear shin guard like a pro!

The process of Wearing Shin Guard Properly Step by Step

As you know there are different types of shin guards. The most famous and preferred by professionals one is the “Slide-in shin guard”. Wearing them is easy.

There is another type which is widely used by intermediate soccer players which is “ankle protection guard” (Visit thegoast.com for top shin guards). Here we will be talking about the attached ankle protection shin guard. So shall we proceed?

Step 1

As a rule of thumb, there will be nothing under your shin guard. So you have to wear your shin guard first.

Step 2

After wearing the guard, now make sure they are in the right position. Your shin guard should be positioned at the center, not offside, as they will be protecting your shin bone. If you are wearing a shin guard with attached ankle protection, they should cover the area from the ankle to below the knee. Plus, the ankle protection pad will cover both bony sides of the ankle

Step 3

A large chunk of shin guard comes with a strap which is for keeping the guard in place. So make sure the strap snug, otherwise the shin guard could be misplaced as you run. On the other hand, if you are feeling itchy, numbness or discolor, that means your shin guard is way too tight for you. Immediately loosen up your shin guard to avoid any kind of injury.

Step 4

Time to wrap the shin guard. Slide-in shin guards are used by professionals and they don’t come with any strap or ankle protection. So in order to keep them in place during an intensive game, you’ll have to tape it from its both end for a secure fit.

Use athletic tape to wrap it down. If your shin guard comes with strap, it is still a good idea to check how they work. If they move around while you run, you can add an extra wrapping.

Keep little extra tape with you, you might need to change the wrapping between halftime or break.

Step 5

Your sock plays a great role in holding your shin guard, so make sure they snug on your foot. A pair of perfect sock will keep the shin guard on place and even keep the area circulated. So now put on your socks and cleat. If you have perfect sized cleat, they would fit perfectly on your foot even after having an ankle pad.

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Soccer shin guards are really important but most beginner players overlook them. I am pretty sure you don’t want your shin bone to be hurt badly, right?

On the other hand, shin guards don’t cost a fortune and fits perfectly in any soccer bag (Give a tour to thegoast.com for trendy soccer bas). Anyways, I hope this article helped you and now you know how to wear shin guards like pro! Hope to see you soon again. Take care!!!

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