Weinbrenner Wood N Stream 5006 ELX Pursuit Boots Review


These may be the most comfortable boots out of the box that I've ever tried. They are sized a bit large, so they're more roomy than I'd like them to be - you should plan to order a size smaller than usual - but they still served me well on cold mornings, walking on uneven terrain, and during hours & hours of deer trailing. 

They have a large appearance - I immediately dubbed them "My Frankenstein Boots" - and they're far from light. For that, you get warm feet, tough boots that should last, waterproofness, and great ankle support - all in delightful comfort. Read this  this Wood N Stream Boots review to know more about this boot.

Weinbrenner Wood N Stream 5006 ELX Pursuit Boots 


  • Weinbrenner is the manufacturer; Wood N' Stream is the brand.
  • ELX Pursuit is available in three versions: 6" Red oak 5005, 10" Crazyhorse 5006, 10" Red Oak 5007, and 10" Timber Mountain 5008.
  • I tested ELX Pursuit 10" Crazyhorse brown 5006 in size 12.
  • Waterproof. Hang tag refers to X-Stream Waterproof Breathable Construction.
  • Treated with 3M Scotchgard Protector.
  • Lining is "Combat Superknit with ScentMask."
  • Insulated with 200 Gram 3M Thinsulate insulation.
  • Goodyear welt construction.
  • Insole: Single-Density Polyurethane.
  • Midsole: Rubber.
  • Outsole: Vibram Little Horn with Reinforced Tip Stitch.
  • Hang tag refers to Vibram XS Trek sole.
  • Oil & slip resisting sole.
  • UPC: 014799947361
  • Weight: 5.34 pounds per pair (size 12M, weighed by me).


  • Comfortable - from the get-go.
  • Warm (200 gram Thinsulate).
  • Adequate arch support.
  • 10" height provides excellent ankle support.
  • It has zipped securities.


  • Sized large, so my 12s are too loose - I should have ordered size 11 or 11.5.
  • Bad Rivet on one of the speed lacing hooks.
  • Made in China.

Wood N Stream Boots Review:  5006 ELX Pursuit Boots Review

When I learned about Wood N' Stream boots, I was interested. Old brand, quality features, and it all looked pretty good on paper. But how about out in the woods? So I put my hands on a pair of big, tough, warm Wood N' Streams and waited for deer season.

First Impressions

When the boots showed up, I was impressed by their size. They are anything but scrawny - heck, I call 'em my Frankenstein boots. They are the ELX Pursuit model, 10" tall, in the Crazyhorse color.

When I first tried them on, I had mixed emotions. They felt very comfortable on my feet, like good-fitting athletic shoes - but they were a bit loose.

That's when I discovered that Wood N' Stream boots are sized large. So although I had recently measured my foot and determined I was a size 12, these size 12 boots are too large for me. When I ordered a pair of a different style (to be reviewed at a future date), I got size 11 and they fit much better. If you want room for thick socks, though, just go 1/2 size smaller than normal.

The one bummer that stuck with me was a bad rivet holding one of the speed lacing hooks on. It was poorly installed at the factory, and it sticks up - so it grabs the lace every time I try to lace up my boots.

First Use

Come deer season, I was wary. Often, new boots mean sore feet - so the first time I wore them was for a mid-day trip to the range. If they were a little stiff, I could easily swap them out before the evening hunt.

I needn't have worried - these boots were perfectly comfortable from the get-go, and I happily left them on for the afternoon hunt. Then I wore them the following morning, to a stand that required a lot of walking up and down steep terrain. On the way out, I took another route that brought me over more rough terrain and across a couple shallow creeks. My feet stayed dry.

In my notes that day, I said this: "They are flexible and so far comfortable but my foot moves around inside a lot."

Throughout the Season

I wore these boots a lot during the season, and had no regrets about it. On two separate occasions, wounded deer required many hours of tracking, and I literally walked the woods constantly for hours on end in these boots. I did wish they fit a little better, as my feet moved around inside the boots a little too much - but they did the job and kept my feet comfortable and my ankles un-turned.

As for the bad rivet, it appears that it will eventually pull loose, as the washer is now missing from the inside end of the rivet. I feel confident that Wood N' Stream would replace the boots if I asked them to.

I had these boots on when I nailed my Barnacle Buck; they kept my toes toasty as I waited and did a good job when I had to haul him up a steep hillside.


It's been a while since I wore an all-leather boot that offered this kind of comfort and performance right out of the box. They're easy to put on, they lace up securely and quickly, they keep my feet warm and dry, and they feel comfortable whether I'm sitting or walking.

At almost 2.7 pounds per foot, they aren't exactly lightweights - but they're not supposed to be. I have other boots for warm weather and hiking - but these are hard to beat for all-around cool- and cold-weather hunting, and should serve you well in a stand, slipping through the woods, or tromping down a trail.

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